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Dear fellow expats,

I would love to meet some people fluent in German. Currently learning German and looking forward to having a real conversation. I'm good with English, Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam. We could meet up for a coffee or hang out somewhere.

Hi yasinyehya,

Are you planning to move to Germany anytime soon ?

Thank you


Yes. Soon as in 2016. I'd be doing my masters near Stuttgart. I'll be registering for German classes at the German international school Jeddah in September. Thought I would have the whole thing kick started in advance. Looking forward to it.


I have a enquiry  " What is the duration of German learning classes for beginners " and what is timing and charges ...If you have worked out please share



The course duration is three months. 1,700 SAR for the whole thing. Classes are in the evening, which was a huge relief for me.

Hi Yasin, my Deutsch level is A2 and ı plan to take a course. maybe we'll be classmate. Pls inform and receive to me.
See soon

Hi Dursina,
I look forward to that :). I will be registering for the course on Wednesday, most probably. They told me that the classes start after hajj holidays.

Hallo Yasin, how is going on? what about you and ur course?
I've been study myself. I think that ı will be taking a course level B1.
Best wishes


All good. The classes are going really well, although I missed the last class. I think you'll feel huge difference in your pace when you attend classes, considering the fact that you've been learning A level by yourself.
We've got a great teacher and really cool bunch of students ( me too :D).

They do offer advanced level courses. You should come by some day when we have classes.

Good luck.

really interesting... I can't speak German but i am willing to learn Arabic over a cup of coffee.

Let me know if you're interested.

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