Al Najd Compound

Good Morning,

Just wondering if anyone could help and offer advice.
I am soon to be moving to Al Najd Compound and wanted to know about the villas, facilities and how the place is in general.
I also need childcare Sun-Thurs during after school and all day Sun-Thurs during the school holidays plus a weekly cleaner.

If anybody could be of help I would be sincerely grateful.

Kindest Regards


Hi I am from KSA but I will tell you generally speaking what I know, I do not advise you to move to any compound here in Saudi because all of them have security  guard and you feel that you are in  somewhere else than living in big city. and every time you go in or out  there is an inspection point, even for the visitors they do the same. so you really feel that you are living in the airport.
my advice to you,  is that you just find your own house close to the services and in good neighborhood and I think you will enjoy it more.
best of luck

Thank you Abdul,

Unfortunately the company we are with does not offer the accommodation allowance  so we have to accept the accommodation on Al Najd.
We have been living in a different KSA compound for the past year yet have been told by our company that we have to move out and move in to this other compound.
We feel really sad about it and so was hoping to find out some details regarding Al Najd compound.

Sorry to hear that, the company does not pay you accommodation allowance. I think you should accept their offer even if it inconvenient. However,  I wish you the best times here in the city of Riyadh and you enjoy it.

Compound location on the east of Riyadh it is very close to Granada Mall , i visited it before  and i wish you a happy life there.

Hi carmenharvey22,

Any advise on the compounds as we want our children to go to the British school next to LA hamra. What are your thoughts as I hear they r very expensive

Hi Mark,
My Daughter also attends BISR. There are many compounds, some good & some very old & 'tired' looking. The compounds provide a school bus to & from your child's school and to the shops once or twice per day.
My personal opinion is that I like " Al Khuzama Compound".

Al Hamra is also nice and California and Arizona compound, yet they are expensive. The average price for a 3 bed villa with office & maids quarters is 225,000-285,000. It's always best to ensure the company are willing to pay prior to signing your contract. If this is too much money you can rent houses & apartments that are not within a compound for much cheaper rates. Really hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions 👍🏻😀

Al Najd compount is fairly good, if you need to know more about it i can find out and let you know. my e-mail is brian_nicholas2002[at]

Kindly send me e-mail so that I can reply you back.



Al Najd Compound isn't that bad, it is old and the Maintenance is a bit slow.
Take care that you doesn't get a villa on the site of the gate as there you have the
constration work for the new metro.
To the BISR it is approx. 10min and Najd Compound has a School Bus, did you deal for a place with BISR as we was waiting approx.4 month to get one.
If you need pictures or a floor plan, I could send you



Definitely don't listen to the guy who said living outside a compound is better, it isn't

Hello Carmen,

All I Know about Al-Najd compound is a bit old and very pricy.

I found some links it may help you:-)

Good Luck :-)

I have visited 2-3 times that compound. Is very good with many facilities for adults and kids. Very good security and a swiming pool that will help you relax when you need it.


Hi there
Could you please advise where exactly is Al Najd compound as i cannot find location on the net. Thanks

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