compound for single young professionals in Riyadh.?

Currently searching and trying to narrow down my choices for compounds in Riyadh, and I see alot of compounds that cater to families.
I was wondering if there was any compounds that cater to young professionals.?
If so, please let me know.

As, I am single, with no kids..
Money is not an issue, and I would definitely choose a compound with a good social life over a quiet, expensive one.

Hi. I think there are no compounds for singles here especially for men. Everything you will find are for families. There is no much activities in this country aside from being out with friends. But if you are a backpacker and is using couchsurfing, you can socialize and attend some activities. i think they have one for this week. See you there on the meeting if you can make it :) Enjoy the day :)

Hi :) Thanks for accepting. I just remembered right now, i think there are compounds where single professionals (Americans and other whites) are living. I will try to contact some of the friends i met though for sure your company will look for an american compound where you can reside.

Thanks again for accepting and i do hope to meet you when you get here. Have a good day!

did u manage to find a cool compound? ill be moving there in a couple of months and facing same dilema... Thanks :)

I ended up choosing a new, modern expat apt complex for the first 6 months, so I would have more time to search for a compound that I like..
There are alot of nice compounds, but it will depends on your budget, what area of the city you want to live in..

im gonna be in riyadh, and was looking for studio or one bedroom. Budget not sure yet, but assuming it will be on my own expende didn't wanna go above 80k. but want good facilities and with some kind of social activities going on as thats where ill be most of the time (after work/weekends)
thanks for the reply ;)


Atraían homes compound is nice and centric with all the facilities, one bedroom flat is 95k but if u bargain maybe less. Good luck

"Atraian"?! Never heard of that one will check thank y ;)

Sorry Arabian Homes is the name, located in Al Mursalat Riyadh

Ah ok thank you will check it out ;) Ana

Hi there!

I'm in the same situation, looking for a nice compound where I can freely live my european lifestyle lol... California looks like it would match but I have no info on the prices..?

Anyone can help?

Hi.. I can give you the contact number of the Compound's Manager. Try to call him and inquire on the prices.

There are many compounds which can match your needs. Important thing is which compound is near to your office because at the end of the day you don't want to drive much for nothing. So look near your office / workplace.

If u get details on houses and prices let me know ;)

Hi thanks for the answers!

I'm calling a few ones today and I have another questions for those who are used to living in compounds..
- Are the prices negotiable? I know pretty much everything is in Arabic countries, I've often negotiated prices with high end hotels and such establishments..

In Arabian homes it's slightly negotiable.

Single young professional here. And I would like to meet, if possible, each of you. I arrived here last June

@Bohemia 13 , i am living in AL Nakhla Compound in Qurtubah, and it's kind of a good western style, and prices are negotiable i can tell u that since my company did the same. i will send you the contact so you can try ur luck !!

good luck

In Riyadh there are a lot of compounds that cater for singles with Western life style.
Best among them is Hamra, Salwa & California Compounds.
Other compounds with very good ranking are Cordoba, Alnakheel & Kingdom.
There are a lot of other compounds where you can settle in it easily and much cheaper than the above.
It's depend on the location of your work and your budget, it's better to contact them thru email and get the best deal with them you can negotiate the prices especially these days as there is dramatic drop in the real estate  market. It's a good idea at the beginning to rent a furnished apartment in a good hotel for like one month then do visit the potential compounds to get the suitable one.
Good luck.

There are number of compounds look for Fal next to the Business Gate area.

In Sulmaniyah you can look for Akaria Compound

Next to the Diplomate Quarters look for Venecia Compound

Ishbiliyah Compound, Layaly Compound, Palm Compound, Bonita Compound, Olaya Compound

@bohemia13 any luck? im waiting for my visit visa to get approved to go and check a couple of them... ;)

Good luck...
If you need help please let us know

No shortage of compounds, some will even let people sub-let so you end up with 5 single guys in one house. As long as you pay the rent they'll all accommodate you.

A lot of the newer compounds mentioned are very pretty marble silent prisons maybe as a suggestion kick off with an inquiry to Rayan Residential Compound (Commonly known as Turki) or Rotana, even the "other" ishbillia - isbillia village. All quite cheap and may do a few months while you tour the rest.

So, I've been in Riyadh for 3 months now, and I am also looking for a studio or 1bdrm compound to move into...(I currently living in a apt flat expat complex)..

Compounds that meet all your requirements will be VERY hard to find..
Either it costs too much, or it's old, or it's too far outside the city, or no social life for singles..etc

Alot has to due with your price range, and the location that you work in..
If you work up north, you can easily find a nice studio or 1bdrm for 70k.
Yamami, Remas, Almalga Village, etc..  (but there is NOT much around the compound, city is still building that area up)

Northeast & East part of the city compounds with studio or 1bdrm for 70k.
Riyadh Village, and Alreem is pretty much it.

If you work or want to live closer to the city, you will not find studio or 1bdrm in a  compound for 70k.

You might want to look into Furnished apt flat complexes. there are some very nice ones around the city, but of course they will not have the facilities you want, and you not have much of a social life there..

If you want any more info or ideas, just msg me.. I feel your pain trying to find a reasonable compound that meets your requirements..!

Do you require a one year lease or are the rates listed month to month?  What is included in the furnished apartments?  I just arrived in KSA and I am not happy with my compound and location.

I visited Tujan Compound this past weekend..
The prices are VERY good, and the compound could end up being a great place to live.
But as of now : it is FAR north of the city, the facilities are old, and it is a ghost town there (very few people live there as of now)..
I will wait to see how the compound looks after the facilities are renovated and more people are living there...
(just my input of what I saw when I visited)

An idea of mind. It seems there is not much increase in expat nowadays since most people who relocate are expat. It is much better to stay near your workplace. Also, there is a lot of vacant posting when you tour the city.

Romello :

I visited Tujan Compound this past weekend..
The prices are VERY good, and the compound could end up being a great place to live.
But as of now : it is FAR north of the city, the facilities are old, and it is a ghost town there (very few people live there as of now)..
I will wait to see how the compound looks after the facilities are renovated and more people are living there...
(just my input of what I saw when I visited)

Hi there Romello!

I have Spanish bachelor friends living in Al Reem compound and in Arabian Homes. You might want to check this two compounds. i can help you visit these two in case.

Seems, I will be someone's neighbour at Tujan Compound soon (will move there in 3 weeks).

This is the former Jzal 3 Compound, located on the north of King Fahad road.

What's my opinion about it:
1. Apartments. Well, being honest, not very spacious (a one-bedroom apartment I've rented is probably 20-30% smaller than the one I currently live in). So if you have a family (and kids) - don't take a one-bedroom, take something bigger. But for a single (here in Saudi I'm alone, without my family) that's more than enough.
2. Common area. A very good fitness area, with sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool. Should have a cafe and a supermarket soon (I've been there 6 months ago, cafe was rather good, minimarket was MEED).
3. Empty compound. Well, I've been there this morning to make the final selection of apartment, and I was told that since my last visit on Monday already 3 families moved in. I suppose that in 2-3 months the compound will be filled for about a half.
4. Location. Yep, far from the center of Riyadh (5 km from King Salman Road), but for those who have a car it should not be a problem.
5. Price. Current price is really very good. You wil not find a 1-2 bedroom apartment in classic compound for such a price (45 - 60 K SAR per year).

I plan to visit Alreem & Riyadh Village this weekend.

Hi Everyone
If you're looking to move to a compound in Riyadh or are unhappy with the one you currently live in, RVCC are a housing solutions company dealing with expatriates. For more information please get in touch.

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AL Nakhla Compound is certainly the best one in Riyadh, but you either should have a good budget for your accommodation over 150$ ideally or your company should make a deal taking accommodation for their expats in bulk .. Other options will depend on what you are ready to compromise on..  Sometimes even an apartment in DQ could be a good choice.. and the further from city center the lower is the price (there are small clean compounds of 20 - 60 units with 60K budget but not much to do inside = maybe some primitive gym and pool)

Hi everyone,

Actually I was looking for a good compound for events and other smaller options in Riyadh i found but unfortunately, they are not allowing for singles to inter (Shit).

Anyhow I was wondering if we can make a small group (Boys&Girls) and we can hangout together sometimes, for those interested please feel free to contact me anytime.


sounds like a great idea!

Also looking for 1 bedroom or studio in a compound with a bit of life.

Any ideas?


we can rent esteraha to gather inside and have fun.

Sure we need a list of attendance first ..

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can you provide some photos and price of the apartment.?

Hey Guys,

I'm moving to riyadh in a month and it will be wonderful if you can share some insights about any compound studio Apartment for bachelors near Exit 13 ( Malaz Street) .
I heard about a new compound called " Al Nasseem" that is near malaz . Does anyone heard about it ?

Need Help

After going thru this same process last year, I would advise you have your company put you in a hotel for 1-2weeks, and you personally go visit some compounds, until you find one that meets your price range, needs, social atmosphere, etc...
1) you can definitely get a better price if you go in person and talk with the team on-site.
2) compounds often pics that look BETTER than the apt flat really is. (not all, but alot do)
3) for the money that you are going to pay (or you company is going to pay), it's better if you see it in person first, before you decide.

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