New in Riyadh.Safe for Expats? Price in Al Hamra compound?

.Does  anybody knows how much it costs a 3 bedroom villa in al hamra compound? Is it dangerous for  an expat renting an apartment outside compound?

I have no idea. Maybe 200 sar

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While waiting for members to revert back, I invite you to check out this section below to have an idea of rental prices in Riyadh :

> Housing in Riyadh


Thank you Mr.Kenjee, the link you suggested me was very useful.If you are kind enough, could you please give me few more details about the safty living in apartment, outside a compound though I m an expat.

It depends on the area that you choose

dangerous? lol as in the price might be WAY cheaper than a compound. yes, very dangerous

Thank you very much for your reply.My sponsor      offers me apartment near Mouwasat hospital.When I track it on the map  is in the area around Ghernata mall. I don't  have a clue off the area "quality ".Do you?

Hmmm I have no clue about this area but it's better if he offered apartment in a compound especially you have a wife and children. So, its much easier for your family to move, play and go to the gym.. these facilities only in compounds.

your sponsor is trying to save a lot of money by trying to get you to stay at a regular apartment instead of a compound. Compounds tend to be nicer (not all of them) and you have perks such as swimming pools a gym sometimes and common areas that your wife and kids can enjoy without her having to cover her body with the abaya. If your sponsor is going to give you the difference (money wise when it comes to living in a comp. or outside) I would live outside and save the money. The area you were speaking of is not dangerous and trust me europeans and American/ Canadian expats are never bothered because any complaint from them will get the person in a lot of trouble so i wouldn't be worried. Just be cautious as you would be even in your own country.

Best of luck

Yeap...crystal clear thank  you very much!

Hi there, I'm coming to this later having seen the other replies.
I'm British, and I have been in Riyadh for about 18 months.
My sponsor gives me 25% on top of my salary for housing and I get to choose where I live.
Having weighed up all the options and costs, I took a brand new apartment in the real world! in a relatively new area and it is perfectly safe, all my neighbours are very polite and kind, and I save a fortune. Being a westerner, for them, is like a novelty, and everyone is so friendly.
I have lots of friends in compounds who pay a small fortune, so I can visit whenever I like. Compunds are nice, yes, but I liken them to be like holiday camps if you get what I mean, and I think I would get tired of it after a while.
My advice, save the money, take a good quality apartment in a nice area, make friends and build networks and still use all the benefits that they get for no cost!

Good luck


I totally agree with you!!! thank you!

I'd have to disagree with David, if you choose to live in the real world you'll end up being at the mercy of others to attend events, and any people you meet will tend to be very wary of visiting you as "the neighbours might see them".

There are compounds starting at 60k a year, some for a real house are 300k, I'd check out the basic ones Turki (rayann residential), Ranco, Fal, maybe even the new ones Like delmar.

As an interim maybe move to one for the first year as you don't always begin as a person who can say "I have lots of friends in compounds who pay a small fortune, so I can visit whenever I like."

Thanks mrhoth - each to their own...we're all entitled to our own opinion, I was merely sharing mine.
As for being at the mercy of being invited to places - I have a better social life here than I did back in the UK - things like internations, the various embassies and societies etc that I am a member of, friends houses, and that's before mentioning compounds

All the best

I'm only  an expat and a not millionaire! My salary can not allow me to afford 300K annually  for "real home".Where are you from and what do tou do you guys that you can pay for rent 300k per year! Welldone!I shouldn't  study medicine....

I'd say a real one is one you'd be happy buying in your home country.

A 1 bedroom place is likely to cost 50/60 and it's rent after all, so dead money. Last time I had a peek I thought al hamra was about 150 for a 2 bedroom place 200 or so for a 3 bedroom townhouse. A lot of the compounds are now 2/3 full so theres a deal to be had, I wouldn't listen to any "theres a list" or "give me money to skip the queue" nonsense.

Here is a link to many locations of the compounds in Riyadh … 4&z=10

As a general rule of thumb unless housing is forced on an individual (the company rents a bunch on a compound and your allocated one) the standard expat gets between 2 and 4 months salary as a housing allowance - normally 2n a bit. Many people living in compounds are topping up what they get to live there.

Hey there! Can you somehow advise me with internations gathering if possible?  Thanks

If you are still interested, I have a good contact in Al Nakhla compund

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