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I have an offer with a company working with KOC.I accepted the offer about 3 weeks ago and have been awaiting work Visa - resident position.I have been told that the delay in visa is because the kuwait government is changing some visa process.Is anyone on this forum experiencing delay in visas recently - Pls share.

I know my answer will not be particularly helpful, but in Kuwait someone is always experiencing a delay, and the government is always changing some visa process.

In the rest of the world they say there are two things that are sure: death and taxes.
In Kuwait, it is death and delays.

Hi Ribosom,
Thank you for your reply.
But I wanted information on typically how long it takes for a work visa to Kuwait  be issued to a UK based person? Also is it possible for the work visa process to be done by the Kuwait sponsors only with ones  passport visa page and the medicals?

Any information on the work visa process will be appreciated.




It depends on the sponsor, or rather how influential or "skilled" he is. Based on that, *anything* is possible, if you catch my drift.

I was not one of the lucky ones, it took 10 months for me.

Thank you Ribosom. Was it the problem with medicals or the visa processing? Could you give some break down on time required for each step?

See above. Normally it should be done within a month or two, but don't be surprised if it takes forever. Depends on your sponsor really.

Thank you, so which one is the bottleneck; medicals or visa processing? I have heard rumors that the medical system is very picky on the medical history, like any surgeries making applicants unfit. Any opinion?

Can't comment on that. I doubt that "any surgery" is a problem, they just make you take two unnecessary chest X-rays, first one no one even glances over. Only things they see there might be a problem. You never provide medical history per se.

Thanks again, they have asked for detailed medical history including all surgeries. I have heard that for certain nationalities like those from India rules are solid with no flexibility. I understand the point when it comes to contagious diseases.

Hmm, never heard of that, I can check with my colleagues, but treating people here differently based on their nationality is certainly a common practice here.

Thank you; please do. There are some documents online from GAMCA published in 2011 on severe measures to be followed for medical screening. There is a phrase on "any major surgeries" and it is obviously open to interpretation.

Hi Yakuvica,

I also signed a contract at the end of April to teach in Kuwait and I'm still waiting for my work visa to come in the post. I'm also a UK citizen. It's been two months now and I'm getting concerned as I'm suppose to start work in September.

The university said they would deal with it and have not requested a medical report to aid the visa process rather I have to present my medical report with a police clearance AFTER my visa comes in the post.

Now it's ramadan so I think after it they will send to you visa.  I am working with kuwait government and I know how it works here.
Any inquiries u r welcome.


Okay thnxsOka

Dear Sir

I have been waiting for work permit since two months ago, HR people informed me that delay is due to Ramadan and will be release after this month. Now is almost two weeks have passed and still not yet issued

Appreciate if you can inform me when people working in government sector will start releasing work permits after such long delay
What does mean the answer from HR: your work permit is ready waiting to be signed. How long it takes to sign this document

Thank you in advance

Hi yakuvica,
have you got the visa? My case is also similar. I got an offer with KOC in March 2015 and later in July 2015, they submitted my papers for Visa processing. I am still awaiting. Anyone has any info regarding the usual time frame.

Hello GVS,

  Hard to comment. I have been waiting for my visa since late August after passing medicals. It is a game of patience. The agent believes that it may be issued any time.

Normally it takes between 6 to 8 months since the submission of Docs to ministry of labor, beyond this time frame you can start doubting; could be rejected, hiring on hold or many others issues

A good advise is to continue searching for a job and forget the previous offer otherwise you end up waiting, following up and all the headache that goes on with it

Kamal76bound , while I respect your opinion, I have heard about cases taking about 10 months. It appears that up to 3 months could still be common.

Sorry for the mistake, I meant 6 to 8 weeks

It can be several months in the case of holding hiring process then decision is to complete it

But in this case, candidate will suffer on following up during all this period!!! Better to forget the offer and search for new job, if you catch my drift

Hi , i am new here, and looking forward to come in kuwait.. Is der anyone here know d process of correcting a visa name.. I received my visa but unfortunately my name in d visa was been spelled long will to be corrected?is der any problem if d visa name is incorrect or spelled wrong in d immigration?pls help me-koc

Hey Alex, my company applied for my visa in remedan and it still seems under process. I am from Ethiopia and would be happy to know what to expect and how long so that i can plan accordingly. Do you have any idea? Thanks man!

Dear sikusiddick,

Better ask to your employer. Generally its takes 1-3 months.

There are many reasons for delay and the delay is from employer side and not from ministry or ur embassy, so as i told better ask to sponsor.


Thanks man! i keep chasing the sponsor and it seems that the sponsor came to know informally  that the visa is OK and that happened a month ago. he is just waiting for formal communications.

and how about 1750 KD pm salary for me and my wife? i have two and half years of experience as an in - house lawyer.

Thank you again.


Its good salary,  :top:

Hello guys...

Can i ask how many months it will take for the visa processing in kuwait?

I already signed my offer letter,  passed the medical exam and i settled all processing fees for the agency they told me that the visa will be processed immediately but until now i haven't received my visa it is almost 3 months since the time they told me that. How will i know if my visa will come or not. Or is it the agencies that is controlling this issue?

Hi friends,

I would like to ask regarding my visa..i came n kuwait its government visa and now im working in a private company. My questions are... is true that new law in kuwait u can transfer now from government to private company by paying 300kd? company did not give my release if i dont find a company  which is government company.what should i do for that?


havent heard about the 300KD, what i do know tho is that if you originally came on a govt visa, you cannot transfer to private.

without a release, you cannot move to another govt. project, which is the only option available if you initially came on a govt. contract.

This is new law in kuwait  now.but i dont know if its true. How can i know if thats true?

Anybody help me how long take to open shoon visa office in Kuwait

When are the Kuwait shoon visas open?

hello alex. i just want to ask if its still worth to wait for my working visa? im still waiting for about 6months now. i mean, the embassy really processing the working visa? i am willing to wait just for sure that the embassy is really doing the processing... pls. i need your responce. thank you so much!

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