Regarding oman prometric viva for dentist

hai ,i just cleared my prometric  exam yesterday and got a sponser to work here too.i need to attend my viva  now can any one help me out by sharing  ur experience in viva and wat to prepare  for viva(dentist)

Oxford handbook of clinical dentistry. 4th edition. Also u need to be thorough with emergency drugs and management of emergencies. Revise the periodontal probes. Safety with x rays, some pharmacology, mostly antibiotics and analgesics. They mostly show you a photo of a case and ask you about the treatment plan. U need to be clear with your basics. Just don't make wild blunders. If u don't know smthn, just admit and move to the next question. Be relaxed and confident. You have done your BDS and you know much more than you need to clear your viva. All the best.

Oh dats nice sir and thank q so much for sharing   and for guiding

Pleasure. If u want a soft copy of the book, inbox me your /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\. I have PDF.

U r so kind n helpful sir .thank u sooo much and * can u please forward me that pdf

hi sir, can u please forward me too,the pdf file.....thnx in advance.

and thanking you in advance.....

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Could you please mail me the pdf version of the book.

Hello sir, Can you please inbox me the pdf of that book.

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