Looking for someone to talk to in English

I need friends to hook up here in Guangzhou too :) Its boring most times when you're alone and can't find anyone to talk to in english  :lol:

Hi guys,
I am already two months in Guangzhou and didn't meet much English speakers.
It would be great to know new people around.

Sophie, there are a lot of..

Hi, there

I am Elma, I am local lady, can speak English, Cantonese and Putonghua. I recommanded you can join English Corner hold every Sunday in Zhong Shan Library 2:pm-4:30pm. An Australian guy and American lady already visit there every week, and also you can meet me and people in Guangzhou love to share their stories and make friend though English.
Wen Ming Rd 215#. telephone:83830676
Metro: Line 1 stop:Peasant Movement Institute
Bus line: 76,76A,93, 1...
Wish can see you all there...
If you have any question, you can contact me: elma_shen[at]
Love to your friend, and enjoy your stay in Guangzhou.

Hello GHIEB,

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speak English here...


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Me too! Like to have lunch or dinner sometime? Add me on wechat (neilcairnie) - I'm new and looking to meet people too. It isn't always easy!

hahahah..! Same here

hi do you have wechat

you can talk to me always in english

Hey there. Would be a honor to be a friend of yours. How we can contact


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