Reg Rabigh Area in KSA

Hi All,

It would be great if some of you clarify my doubts reg rabigh area in Saudi. Here are my doubts:

1) Am planning to move to Saudi rabigh area as i got an offer for Petro Rabigh company.

2)How bout the rabigh residential area? Am planning to move along along with my wife and a kid(4 years)

3) How about the schools over there and its educational quality? Is there any schools like Indian International school?

4) How about the Entertainment to get around along with family?

5) Cost of living in Rabigh?

6) Is Satellite Tv connection  and internet connections accessible in that area?

7) Is there good hospitals available in that area for maternity?


Hi Saleem,
I am Manu and I too got an offer from Rabigh last week and accepted it. Mee too is worried about accommodation options in Rabigh as chances of getting Rabigh township are very less.
Do PM me if you get any info regarding city and living.


There are good school in Rabigh teaching in English medium. The hospital in Rabigh is excellent. There are beaches and sand dunes around Rabigh and near by KAEC is coming up very fast and lots of International and local restaurants and play area. Internet connection is no problem. I recommend, visit the Rabigh city and drive around perhaps stay overnight in some hotel and see the night time crowd at restaurants and Mall. Many Asians are working there and are helpful in nature. Good accommodation is also available and go to some property and rental dealer office to be sure to find what standard u r looking for. There are no cinema or opera houses and no disco clubs and no any visiting performing artist there. Sorry.

There are all of the facilities except (entertainment to get around along with family.) As my point of view, it would be little difficult for you to settle down with your family in small Town with lots of bachelor's workers.

Regarding School, kindly notice the details below   

Telephone: 00966-24231474, 00966-550233339, Fax: 00966-2-4233339
Email :principaljfis[at]

Hi waheed9542,

Do you mind also contributing to the  Education in Jeddah section by recommending the school you mentioned.

This will surely be useful to any members looking for a school. :)

Thank you in advance,


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