Which Bank is Good in Krakow? (ING, Alior,Citi etc)

hello friends,

Any suggestions on which bank provide better service in poland? :/
I am specifically looking for krakow.

Thank you for all suggestions in advance :)


Hello Ketan,

Welcome to :)

Are you moving to Krakow soon?

All the best,
Olivier Team


It will be great to have some information before hand.


I use ING and have no problems, no charge for using other banks ATM's

Colin (BMW R1150RS)

I use ING.
It is fun and easy to easy. If you like to do all your banking online than it is great.

i am with Millenium bank.... almost nothing to pay, good services and amazing mobile app :)

Thanks bikerjenko,kozakiewiczp,eitanar for your wonderful suggestions.

I went to couple of banks and to my surprise there was no english speaker available in each bank.
Also banks asked me about the PESEL number , which will be a unique identity number provided for resident in poland.
hope to find a good bank :).

I opened an account at millenium, you must check on their website (which is also available in english) in which branch they speak english then you can go and open an account without providing any pesel number. the website and the mobile app is also available in english :)

Not actually and answer, but an extension to the question, hehehe.
Could you guys also recommend which bank is good not only in Krakow, but considering I want to travel around Europe (Prage, Berlin, Rome, etc). Do you know if I can withdraw money from some other country using my account?
I also heard some recommendations about Millenium bank, but have read that they don't have as many branches as other banks.


I use ING and I am very happy with the service they provide, but I haven't used them outside Poland yet.


But ING is charging 7 zl per month for the ATM card.

Is there any bank which doesn't charge for the ATM card and for the account?

I have just moved to Poland.

I am looking for a bank/or digital banking which doesn't charge for the monthly fee for the ATM card and account (Usage of the ATM card and account).

Also they should have good english website and tele customer service.

What do you recommend?

Thank you in advance.

It doesn't charge you if you spend I think 300 zł per month, which is doable if you live here. I recommend ING as well!

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