Hi All,
Here, I want to write about my experience of getting a driver's license in Krakow, Poland.

Which Driver's License is valid in Poland?
1. Indian Driver's license is not a valid document to drive in Poland. (even if you get it translated in Polish)
2. International Driver's license is valid to drive but some insurance companies suggest that Polish driver's license makes the settlement procedure easier.
3. Polish Driver's License. (or driver's license of any other EU country )

2 Ways to get a Polish driver's license:
1. Get a completely new one after taking computerized theory test and practical driving test.
2. Exchange your Indian DL against a Polish DL. (The Polish DL issued in this case is exactly same as the one in case 1)

Advantages and Disadvantages of New DL vs Exchanging Indian DL
New Polish DL:
You retain your Indian DL.
Helpful when you go back.
*Take both theory and practical exam.
*Expensive- 1000 PLN to 1500 PLN
*Approx Duration- 2 Months"

Exchange Indian DL against Polish DL:
Cheaper- Approx 400 PLN
Faster- Approx 4-5 Weeks
Only take Theory exam.
*You loose your Indian DL


STEP 1- Get a PKK number and Apply for exchange of Indian Driver's License
Go to Urzad Miasta which serves your area of residence.

In my case it was
Urząd Miasta Krakowa
Address: Wielicka 28A,
2nd floor.
Opening Hour: 7:40 AM - 6:00 PM

fill the application form(wniosek). Take help from the clerk on the reception.
Documents required to be attached with the application form:
1. Photo copy of Indian Driving License. Both Side.
2. Polish Translation of Indian Driving License, by a sworn translator.
3. Photocopies of Indian Passport, Visa, Resident Permit(if you have)
4. *if you do not have resident permit, you MUST attach Registration of Address. (zameldowania)
5. Get your PKK number. This is a candidate Number required for the examination.

Appendix A (for Step 1)
1. find a sworn translator using Internet.
Call him. Most probably, he will agree to translate if you send the scan copy by email.
Price is 48 PLN for 1 page. NEGOTIATE because DL is a small document. Get both sides in 1 price.
2. Registration of Address can be received in the same Urzad Miasta by submitting an application and showing your address proof e.g. House Rent Agreement.
Fees: 17 PLN.

STEP 2 - Take an appointment for the Theory Exam
Go to MORD. (Małopolski Ośrodek Ruchu Drogowego)
Ul. Nowohucka 33a, Krakow.
Opening Hour 7:00 am - 2:30 PM

Carry your PKK Number.
Take an appointment for the theory exam as per your convenience.

Appendix B (Step 2)
1. Always carry your passport.

Buy a CD which has the complete prep book for the examination.
It also has the practice tests. Price 20 PLN.
The real test will be of 74 points. The pass criteria is 68 Points.
Questions weigh 1, 2 or 3 points. (3 wrong answers and you fail)
5-6 days are good for the study.
You can buy the CD from any driving school.


After passing the exam, MORD staff will ask you to go to
Urząd Miasta Krakowa,
aleja Powstania Warszawskiego 10

Staff at Urzad Miasta will check your exam result online and tell you that your DL will be ready in 2 Weeks.
After 2 Weeks you will get a letter saying - the deptt contacted Indian Embassy in Warsaw about the authenticity of your DL.
But Indian Embassy wants the candidate to appear in the embassy in person to collect the letter.
Contact the Embassy(See website).
Go to Warsaw, Indian Embassy with your original Indian DL, Original Passport, copies of PP and Visa, Resident permit, address etc
and get the letter from the embassy. Price 88 PLN.
Once you submit the letter in urzad miasta, the staff will again take 2 weeks.

After passing the exam, contact the embassy and get the letter before going to Urzad Miasta.
After submitting all the documents to Urzad Miasta, it will take 12-14 calendar days for your DL to come.

Translation - 50 PLN
Zameldowania - 17 PLN
Examination - 30 PLN
Fees in Indian Embassy - 88 PLN
Travel to Warsaw - 100 PLN
Total : ~400 PLN

Happy Driving.

Hi Abhishek,

Thanks a lot for your elaborate post on driver's license exchange in Poland!
I am living in Czestochowa and I applied for my Indian Driver's lic exchange at Urzad Miasta here in April-2015. But the officers there told me that they will first authenticate my DL before I start the formalities (like paying fees and PKK generation) and till now they are authenticating, I guess!
Every 2-3 months they send letter that they are still trying to contact with Indian officials to get the Authentication process done but not getting any reply!
From your post it appears that "authentication" process can be done even after I take the exam?! Am I right?
Do you have any more information on this?

Thanks again!


as I mentioned, go to embassy and get the letter that your indian license is a valid one..
on indian embassy website, there is information about this.. they take 80PLN for this work..
Show that letter in your urzad..  (but that letter is in english.. so just make sure, that urzad miasta guys understand this that this letter is sufficient proof and in other cities this procedure is followed.. )

Thank you so much for providing such detail in a good and easy manner.
I am also thinking of exchanging my Indian Driving licence, and the information being provided by you will help lotz of people like me.
Stay blessed

I wrote the theory test in germany when I was living there few months before...
Now I m living in Poland.
Is the theory test still valid.
I wrote theory in English language in germany.

Elleshgzz :

I wrote the theory test in germany when I was living there few months before...
Now I m living in Poland.
Is the theory test still valid.
I wrote theory in English language in germany.

If you have a full driving license from Germany, it will be valid in Poland as both countries are in the EU. I am nearly 100% sure that you can not transfer half of the test over to another country. So sadly you will need to start again.

hi how can change pakistani driving licence in poland thanks

moughal :

hi how can change pakistani driving licence in poland thanks

You will need to retake the driving test, that comes in 2 parts. Written & Driving, you will need to contact a local driving school in your area.

Hello ... Does Residencepermit of poland is mandatory for applying the polish driving lisence... i have residence permit from Italy and i am here hust for 4 months in poland

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