Gyms in Corozal Town?


My boyfriend and I are moving to Belize in the beginning of May for a long stay. We'll stay in Placencia first and are planning to move to Corozal Town after a month or so. My boyfriens is a personal trainer (he consults mostly online from home) and I'm studying to become a personal trainer. So a gym/fitness centre is very important to us to do our workouts and part of our daily routine.

Since it's our first time in Belize, I would like to know if there are some nice gyms in corozal town?

Hope you can provide me with website's or email adresses so I can have a look if they have the facilities we're looking for!

I can tell you there are 2 gyms I know of....but I personally haven't been in either of them. But I do know people who
go to them, and I have heard nothing bad about them

Thank you! I would like to see some pictures of them. Do you know if they have a website?

Sweetheart...I'm an expert where they play the best music and have good pizza, but being a Black belt I used to give free classes in the park....but I gave that up for reasons of my own.

I can't or won't go to a gym....I hope you the best of luck, but Belize is not asking for any experts.

Hoi Sanne,

Mijn naam is Marloes en ben serieus aan het overwegen om te emigreren naar Belize. Ik vroeg me af of je nog steeds in Belize woont en of je het naar je zin hebt?

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