Ambergris Caye

My husband and I are going to Ambergris Caye for a week in February. The prices to rent a golf cart are really expensive. We will be renting for a week. Any personal suggestions? We are staying at a hotel that has parking for us so that is a plus.

Hi margewest,
You are right, golf cart rentals are expensive. When we first moved to San Pedro (two years ago) we rented a golf cart for six months. The usual rate was about BZ$2200.00/Mo. which we had discounted to BZ$900.00/Mo. for a six month commitment.

We used Isla Bonita, which you can rent at Caye Mart located at the round about just north of the police station on the north end of town, ask for Mamhood (probably spelled wrong, but phonetically correct, lol). We have also used Cart Belize which is at the south end of town. They have fairly new carts that have always been reliable and priced comparable to Isla Bonita. But there are many cart rentals to shop around at.

February is still high season and I expect there will be less selection with the growing number of visitors each year and stock usually being depleted during this time, so getting a deal may be more difficult for a short term rental.

Also their are two prices. After our six month rental we went to a cart rental looking to rent a cart for the afternoon. We were told it would $US125.00. I said that was more than I wanted to pay but thanks anyway. The guy asked what resort I was staying at, when I replied that we lived there, he pulled out a second price list and we rented the cart for BZ$75.00.

I don't know your situation, but unless you are staying out of town I would question the need to even rent a cart, except for maybe a day to tour further north and south out of town. We found it quite easy to get around in town just by walking up or down the beach. Even for grocery day we found that Island Grocery would deliver us and our weekly groceries home for free. Taxi's are about BZ$10.00 (again two prices), so quite a few taxi rides can be taken for the price of daily cart rental.

If you will be out of town, a cart would be handy, I would check with your resort or landlord, they often have agreements with a cart company.

Probably not good news but I hope it helps.

only rent for the days you need it.

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