haj for makkah residents

assalamo alaikum,
i am a working in makkah only, and i want to perform haj with family in 2014, how should i proceed.

Walekom elsalam
Makka residents have special rules in Haj , so it is best to ask one of the residents of Mecca.

Dr. Shahid

Performing Hajj as a resident of Makkah is not very different than the ones performed by people living outside Makkah with a few twists. I recommend that you buy a good book on Hajj and study it. You still have several months before you will go for Hajj.

There are three types of hajj and as a resident of Makkah you can only perform one type of hajj, i.e., Hajj-e-
Ifrad. Don't rely on my feedback as I'm not an expert. I suggest that you get a good book, read it and then seek clarifications from a learned person in your area.

No, i am asking about permission and all that

The best way for you would be to get it through any hajj organizer in Makkah at a small fee. You wouldn't get it on your own.

How can i find out them?

Talk to Al Hajj Group at mail[at] I think these guys are from Makkah and can help you out. If you're not able to get through, let me know and I will find someone else for you.

i contacted them, but no reply.
can u tell me any other option.

I will try to find someone else and let you know in few days.


read soorah bakra ayath 196 its good afrad for Makkans

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