can anyone help me to find a job?

i'm Egyptian but i want to move to turkey specially Istanbul... i'm an environmental engineer but i'm willing to shift career to any possible opportunity

mai22 :

i'm Egyptian but i want to move to turkey specially Istanbul... i'm an environmental engineer but i'm willing to shift career to any possible opportunity

hi, i pray that you can find a job soon...just be positive....

Hi mai22,

Welcome to :)

I suggest you browse through the Jobs in Turkey section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please :)

Best of luck !

Thank you

Maximilien Team

thanks for your respond :)

Try to contact agency in turkey they Will looking for job for you, of course it s not free...but be shure if you want work in turkey you should learn turkish language.

Good luck

If you want to working as an engineer it s much more better that looking opportunities in Ankara. Ankara is Capital city and ministry of Environment is in Ankara so related companies are are in Ankara too. Especially about environmental assessment lots of company are working. here is the link that list of company which is working on environment. and this website is help you to find job opportunities. Unfortunately it is in Turkish but google translate may help you :)

Have a good luck.

thanks so much

do you know any of this agencies?

Check your PM

hi Mai,
which languages u can speak? maybe i can help u..

Arabic, English, alittle bit of french

Can you send me your cv?

Give me an email or something so I can send it on....and I'm currently in Istanbul if this would help

i'm Pakistani but i want to move to turkey specially Istanbul... i'm an ACCA Qualified and i'm willing to shift career to any possible opportunity..

well come noman , iam also from pak Khi, Accountant


Buhat khushi hun rai hian yaar k aap karachi s hi hun and secondly accountant hun..
Yaar yaha istanbul main ACCA ki worth hian? and apne kob mil jay yahan?


I am lebanese, I speak english, arabic, french and learn8ng turkish.
I wanna move to istanbul to live there and I have been applying fews months ago. I want to work in the tourism sector because turkey and especialy istanbul is like a home for me and since I habe 3 lang and learning turkish it would help. Also i might give private language teaching.
If by chanve I got an opportunity away from tourism I would be happy also.


good luck :)

Whats the scope of teaching as assistant professor in an engineering university in turkey. Can any advise

Hello Miss,

What kind of job were you looking for and in which part of Turkey.

Further what are your skills and which languages are you speaking.

Please send me a e-mail to yurtseverpehlivan070[at]gmail, so ı can

guide you any convenient place.


Yurtsever Pehlivan

I am Persian. I can speak Persian, English and a little French, and I am going to learn Turkish as well. I have worked as the product manager Assistant and Business Development Manager.
I want to move to Istanbul and I am searching for a job. Can any one advise how I can find a job there?

Soo could you find any job Mai ?

Its a bit hard here to find any kind of job its least you had to know turkish ;)


Please let me help you out. To be employed in Turkey,it's no necessity to speak Turkish fluently. For arabic speaking people with English or Fench there are several oppurtinities.

What kind of job are you looking for and how much are expecting to earn?

Awaiting your reply!

Kind regards,

Yurtsever Pehlivan

No really I didn't find anything yet :(

Well I can work any kind of job you give me options if you have any....

Hello Mai,

Plenty oppurtunities for you in Istanbul.If you are willing to work
we will find you a proper job.
Please let me assist you. In which branche would you like to work,
what are your skills and what is your target salary ?

I will also assist you with your accomodation. No problem.

Awaiting you reply!

Kind regards,

Yurtsever Pehlivan

I can manage my accommodation but I just need a job I have a one year experience in civil and environmental engineering I will send you my cv

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Hii Mai, i think it will be better if you applied for turism visa or ur friends in istanbul prepare for you visit visa for one or two month, so you can travell and search for job there, its more better cause HR they need to interview the employee face to face to check his real skills, anywaye Best of Luck :)

I am from pakista I need job i am new in istanbul

I am  Kenyan  curently in Turkey
am searching for any job opportunities
I can speak English and Turkish fluently.
anyone please help me out.

how easy is it to find job in Turkey anyway and at this time of the year?

This post will answer your question … -else.html

Good luck

Samonella :

how easy is it to find job in Turkey anyway and at this time of the year?

Hi. What type of job are you looking at? In your line of discipline or any job outside engineering?

Hey dear friend lm Turkish if you have any questions about here send me your number please email lhave been worked for many years in Nairobi l live in Istanbul

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