Filipinos in Marseille

Hi I just currently moved here in France, particularly in Marseille.. I just want to know if theres any filipina staying aroound or near the area i lived? It would be nice to hear from fellow filipinos.. thank you.

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my mother, she lives in antibes i don't know if its near to your place.. she have a lot of filipina friend also..

There is a Filipino Community in Marsielle. Last summer they conduct a basketball competition. During summer you can find a group of filipino staying at Parc du 26éme centenaire. near rond point de castellane. they always spend there time their after work. around 6 pm.

Hello's me nina..i just now joined the chat group.. I am a filipina,i just want to ask you because my boss wants to move there in marseille.. Actually maybe in two weeks time we are already there.i am we are now here in italy. We're here for about a year now and as what i've said we're moving moving there in marseille.. I am afraid to go there for i am afraid of what place is that? about the financial living..mant things i want to consider before i decide to go or just stay here in marseille good?is there a lot of filipinos there?
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Hello there is... Living in Marseille..

Hello po.. tomorrow marseille ako.. sino ba nasa marseille.

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