Expat blog gatherings in Marseille

Hi all!

What about meeting the other Marseille Expat.com members in real life? Organizing an Expat.com meet up would be an excellent way to know them! :)

An Expat.com meet up can be a diner gathering, having coffee, a bring and share in a nice place, a cultural or sports activity, etc. There are plenty of possibilities: just imagine a pleasant way to meet new people and old friends from Expat.com.

Feel free to organize Expat.com get-togethers in Marseille: you would meet the other members in a friendly atmosphere and have a good time together!

Of course, we could offer some help to organize your meet up and to inform the community.

So, who’s in? Do not hesitate to start a new thread to suggest an Expat.com gathering in Marseille. ;)



Very good idea!!
Not yet expat,but this is on my plans for next year and I would like to meet expats living here 'in my place'
Thus: who's in? :)


I want to come too. so count me in.:)

I'm totally in, that's a really great idea :) !

same here but it might be too late as the last post is from july...

Hi scarletdiva!

You can still suggest a new meeting ;)


Yeah great it's a fantastic idea.  I'm not living in Marseille yet, I intend to move there in June but I visit regularly so I'd be interested in whatever you can put together.  How about a boat trip to Chateau d'If - I recently went to the Moulin Bleu which is in Le Rove near Marseille, I had a great night, dinner and caberet maybe we could do that.  I would like to visit the Fashion museum but someone said it was closed, is that true?  Marseille is the city of culture this year so there must be lots to do and to see, I haven't found much on line though.

great idea!
i'd love to participate :)

I am interested too.

Hello all.

Do not hesitate to suggest a date, an hour and a place.
Other members might be interested in participating. ;)

Thank you,

Hello everybody!

I am a guy from The Netherlands staying here Marseille untill the 9th of June. I just arrived and eould love to meet some other expads. Please let me know if you're up for a beer, a coffee or some walking around the city!

Hello everyone,
If you want to go out the days to come as it's sunny, we could meet on saturday if you want, at the Parc Borély at 3 pm :),


Hey, count me in. I'd love to meet expats in Marseille. Who's up for Saturday?

I'm sorry I have canceled finally cause there wasn't so much ppl motivated :x

HI there
I am from Ireland and thinking about moving to Marseilles,i have very very(think you get the point)!! basic french,so i'd love to make things easy for myself and meet other expats in the city
Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.....

Hello marseilles.

Welcome to Expat.com :)


Karen :)

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