Weekend Meeting

Nice .. Pls count me in :)

OK Marina Mall Bowling Alley and coffee shop. Ladies, you are welcome to join us, mixed gatherings are not a problem here, you just need to wear your abaya.


Count me to meet in Marina Mall. **

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There will be a new meeting?

Coffee Morning will be on February 6th. 9 am at the diplomatic quarter at the pancake house.

Can I join to ?

It will be moved to Starbucks on King Abdullah, but not every week. There will not be one this week(February 13).

We are planning to have a gathering over the coming saturday for breakfast. If anyone interested, location & time will be shortly announced.



Mohsin82 :

We are planning to have a gathering over the coming saturday for breakfast. If anyone interested, location & time will be shortly announced.



Meet up at same place, Second Cup coffee shop at Tahlia street.

Someone posted for a Saint Patties day party on the forum; go check that out.

Anything happening this weekend??

Hi everyone

Hello someone

Hey SlyShooter

Also arrange weekend meeting in Jeddah please.

Hello dear,

Where have you guys been? I thought you left Riyadh or something.

Welcome back

:)  :)  All still here .....a little too lazy I guess.

This sounds like so much fun! (Yes, I know how old the post is. ☺)
I hope there are similar events when I come to Riyadh in the next couple of months.

Sorry, this was supposed to be in reply to Agad's post about the dinner party in December. It posted all the way at the end.


would love to come and bring an arabic coffee with dates

to show you saudi style of guesting


you are not so important if you come or not.

Do you guys still have a meet upcoming ?

count me in

Guys let's make a meet up plan

got it

by the way my duty start from OFF in these days.

I'm new to Riyadh so weekend will work best for me
Any embassy parties or gatherings available ?

make it after eid holidqays

Yes. After EID is fine with me.
If someone wants to reach me
You guys can what's app me xxx

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Go to Kudu in the diplomatic quarter on September 24th at 9 am, and look for the daisy. Come at 7 am to to run, hike and bike the DQ.

Sooo... is this trend still continuing and if yes is it only in Riyadh or Dammam and Khobar also?

I would like to join with you, but my problem is I did not speak English, learn and come to you

It is still continuing. This week we meet at the Pancake house in the diplomatic quarter. 7:00 Am for exercise and 9:00 Am for breakfast.

Hi ...
may I join the weekend meeting .. if yes is it Saturday morning

the next weekend meeting is crepeworld. 9:00 AM in the diplomatic quarter on the 15th.

hello everyone,
I am new to this forum and tbh I'm not sure what does EB stand for..

Moreover, may I know what are the meetings about? I'd of course love meeting and learning from new people, but would you please tell me more about this ?

Thanks in advance :D

any get-togethers happening this weekend?

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