Malta vs. Cyprus - Nightlife

After couple years of thinking I'm now seriously considering moving back to Europe for the summer, and have interest towards Malta - until couple nights ago when my boss mentioned Cyprus being somewhat similar in many ways.

I did a little checking and seems that they both are around the same price range for monthly living (give or take few hundred EUR), and relocation otherwise costs pretty much the same. My plan is to stay somewhere between 3-6 months, and then maybe fly back to Asia, but I'd like to know which one would be better nightlife-wise?

I'm 24yo guy, living single ergo nightlife is the deciding factor. What I'm looking for is both discotheques as well as live music "lounges" where one wouldn't go bankrupt visiting few times a week. Living near these areas would be nice, so a walking distance would be nice, but that's another thing.

I guess I could also take some info about Spain, while it surely is somewhat more expensive, but I think should be doable with 2000-2500 EUR per month?

I want to party a lot - Malta or Cyprus?

id guess cyprus....

Ibiza > Rimini > Mykonos > Ayia Napa > Paceville ?

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