DUI and Work Visa

My employers are looking to send me to Kuwait as our business is expanding to the middle east. I am so excited! I was looking over the application process for a work visa and noticed they need police records. Will a recent DUI conviction eliminate me as a possible candidate?

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Nope you will be fine, murder rape drug dealer etc are what they will be looking for to withdraw your visa. You be unable to reoffend as it's a drink free state!

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Sorry old topic but did you end up being able to work in Kuwait?

Yes actually!

I worked over there for 2 years. They asked for a police record so I went to my local police office and got a statement of non-conviction which is all that was needed. I don't believe any further background checks were administered. I believe they can only check interpol's list which includes major crimes as mentioned above.

authorities only require a police report issued by ur local police and same has to be endorsed by kuwaiti mission along with health certificate after u get a visa isdued these two certificates are requited to stamp a visa in yr passport before travelling to kuwait.but nothing required at the time of issuing a work visa except a work petmit which yr employer will get it approved from ministry of social afairs and labour.on the basis of this work permit it wl take a day to issue a visa .

Question, I know this is an old post, but does a DUI charge reduced to reckless driving over 10 years ago, qualify for a letter of non-conviction?

Suppose it differs from country to country. In South Africa you can get a dui remived from your name if you have not repeat offended.

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