I'm new here. Can I live well on $1800 a month in Cebu

I wish you the best in your search.  You may not want to share your personal info like actual income in an open forum where some locals tend to lurk "trying to assist the expat" in reducing their bank balances.

The 2017 average annual salary in Manila is reported to be P383,371.00 or P32K/month.  Cebu and other provinces will typically be less than the NCR.  A person with P100K/month + is well above the average local income and needs to be careful.  Best wishes.

Why did you move from Mexico to here?

It all depends on your nightlife. You can live very well if you don't drink or gamble.

When searching for a two bed room in Cebu we found a few nice two bed room apts for 20,000 to 25,000 in Cebu city itself. Some where on the road leading out of town towards the area known as Rolling Hills. There where two units in the city itself. So, 25,000 equals $500 dollars. $1,800 - $500 = $1,300 left. It at local food stands and don't drink or gamble and you are good to go.

Thank you for responding to my question. New question. Where in Cebu did you chose to live? My wife and I have visited the city but did not care for it because of all the traffic. Are you living some where out side of the towN? If so, how did you come to chose where you live? Did you rent a car and drive the whole island? I am not sure how to figure out the best place for us to live in the Philippines. We liked Duagette and I am interested in Tagaytay/Santa Rosa because it is suppose to be cooler. I am open to looking at Cebu but not sure where to look to evaluate living in Cebu. Thank you in advance for answering this question. Craig C.

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I would check out Dumaguete as a good place to live. You will be surprised how much cheaper you will it there. Clean city, good hospital and great people. I wish I was living there but to late for me now as I'm established here in Angeles City. Cebu, to many people and traffic sucks. Cost of living to high.

I have a income of 150,000 per month and i support a 4yr old, girlfriend, nanny and a gardener/driver plus live in a gated sub-division with a pool. Biggest expense is private school for my son and food. maybe spent 90 to 100 thousand per month which does not include the fun stuff.


@ 952cccraig20,

After living in Tagaytay City proper for the last 4+ years, it is much cooler than most other locations.  Santa Rosa is also a bit cooler than Metro Manila but not as cool as Tagaytay.  I find it to be 4-6 C warmer in Santa Rosa compared to Tagaytay City proper. 

Take a look at this weather chart for Tagaytay City to review the temps ( 

Best wishes.

Yes,1800 is more than enough,it can even be less than that if you want it like that ,best thing is to not over spend and budget your money wisely,but it would be wise to have someone of trust,to help you,but not too easy to find,just use common sense.Good luck.

Just wanted to ask a general question out of the topic.But do you know how and where I can send an auto from CAlifornia to Philippines,even if it's to Manila,thanks for any advice,wondering which city might be cheaper,im from the east coast.

The import duties would be too high, unless you have a 13a and are retiring to the Philippines. Then, you are allowed to bring in one container, duty free. So, unless that is the case, you would be much better off buying a car in the Philippines.

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