Ways to save money when Living in the Philippines!

Feel free to post all and everything about saving money.  From money transfers through to growing your own food, and everything in-between.

the differance in prices between the mall and the publik market learns me that buying vegys ,fruits fish and meat in the market safes us a lot of money and the quality is way better than the mall.
buying inported goods will drive the expenses up,so buy only few of those .
preparing and eating food at home is way les expensive than eating in restaurant ,but wen we'r in Davao city we do love to eat at chippens last time we were there we payed 350 peso a person and the food is deeeelicioussss hehe and it is an all ya can eat ,so wen eating there i always need some recovery time before i can leave the place hahahaha.
for the rest a lot depends on life style i think.
for what ever buy like tools electrik power tools or aircon or so i lurned to check prices in town and compaired them to prices on line and the conclusion is that we both quit a lot on line from Lazada,buth there to i look for promotion prices and those can be realy sharp prices up to more than 50% of the price and often this is combiened whit free delivery ,i tryed Galeon but never again there shipping prices can dubbel the price of what you want to buy ,galeon is an Amazon branche started becorse amazon coold not open up buseniss on line in the phils.
i hope this is helpful

greets Dirk

One thing I did the other day was to buy some cheap blinds for the windows, the difference is amazing.  Now we don't need to run the fans or air-conditioner as much, thus saving on electricity prices.

wen building a house ,let the roof hang over so far the sun dont get to shine on the walls ,  that will safe on cooling inside also,a serious layer of insulation under the roof  is also a very good way to use less cooling for the house .
whit a serious layer i menth not the thin insulation they sell at city hard ware stores ,serious means 50 centimeter of insulation .
dubbel walls were the space between the outside and inside wall is ocupyed whit insulation is an other good thing and will pay it self back in the long run .
i realise all these insulations cost plenty but building this way is eco frendly and safe a lot of money .
i'm belgian and in belgium wen building it is requyerd by laww  to insulate the roof and the walls whit 50 centimeter of insulation ,this safes energy and is totaly ecological .
serious investment means serious commitment i gues

greets Dirk

Just wondering how many of us shop at the local market place, or do you go to the shopping centre's to buy your food etc.?

as far as fresh meat fish vegys or fruits conserned we get it at the local market,reason is ,the price as wel as the quality is the best.
that's itt
things as siagarets cooking oil or canned foods the best price will be at the super market .wexlive in a small town so no much of inported goods  availebol ,no need for them as far as us conserned.
i am european and very spoiled on food but as history teach ,wen whit the romans as the romans.

greets Dirk

A great money saver is Metro Deal. I use it alot
They have heavily discounted prices like 30 to 60% for stuff that is usally big ticket. From the Marine Park to buffets in top end hotels, hotels, trips.
I have never had a problem. You need to just read the fine print on the exp date. Dont go crazy buying stuff then not able to use them 😊

Best way I have found in all these years to save money is to be married to the right person. That without exception is the number one way of saving money. Also it helps to shop at your local public market. Food is fresh daily and overall lower cost than shopping at regular super markets.


You can live on. 22,300 pesos a month without trying too hard.  Biggest expenses are daily allowance and I allow myself 500 pesos a day figuring most Phil. people live on less than that.  Then you should look long and hard for an economical rent.  I pay 2700 pesos a month for four rooms and bath and balcony.  I live in a small city some 30 miles frol Manila.    I have cable and internet at 1000 pesos.  I have no AC but just two fans that run a lot.  Sure, tou can pay more, I could if I wanted but my Filipina wife is in the US and I send her money.

Hey there  USAMichael ....
           My eyes opened wide when you mentioned that you send money to your Filipina wife in the US, while you live in the Philippines!   I am trying to figure that one out, but there must be some unexpected reason for this ....
            Otherwise, it appears you have some great bargain for rent, but personally, I could not exist here in the Philippines without aircon for both the bedroom and living area....

Yes, admittedly, it is odd, I send money to my Filipina wife who lives and works in Queens, NYC, NY as a HHA since August, 2017.   Should be the other way around, right?  To make it even odder, I send her $400 a month and she is now making about $2000 a month.   I guess I don't want her, as much as I can help, making bad decisions because of a need for money.  Like moving away from her niece who has a nice and safe but pricey apartment, to living alone or with dodgy roommates.  She is a trifle innocent and still wet behind the ears though 44 years old.  Me, at age 68, I am tired of the US and prefer the warmth and economy of  Pinoy-land for six years now.

That is definitely very interesting for sure.  It is certainly not my business to know why, but it seems to me that you would be better off to bring your wife back here to the Philippines and use the $400.00  ( 20,000 pesos)  each month and live extremely well.   Maybe invest in an air con unit!    :)

The thing is, Bob, that moving to the US was and is a lifelong dream of my wife.   As you probably know, getting off the archipelgo to be an OFW somewhere is major obsession for Philippinos.  There is even a huge Philippine government agency dedicated to serving these restless 15 million souls in that endeavor.  I just hope she gets tired of the 5 Day Rat Race abroad soon...but who knows.   I may have to join her but BRR...it is 24 degrees F in NYC now.

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