Moving to Kuala Lumpar in May

Hi all,
I’m excited about my move to KL this summer (May 2013). I’m actually moving without a job lined up…thoughts? I have my bachelors in Business and over 10 years experience in Finance and Business.
My mother was actually raised in KL and Singapore from 1970-1978 and went to Singapore American School, ever since I was a child it’s been a dream of mine to move here so here I go! Happy I found this site :)
I’m currently working for Pearson Education as a Project Manager; if you or anyone you know is hiring I will send my resume.
Best regards and thank you in advance for any and all advice positive or negative!


Gudluck for your job..

Hi Audrey assuming you don't have Malaysian citizenship or PR then your chances of getting a job after arriving are very small. It is very unwise to come to Malaysia without a job unless you have savings sufficient to last a year - say 20,000 usd that you can spare to survive on and spend while you seek a job. You might get very lucky and get a job in the first few months but many don't - I would say without any specific skills in demand in Malaysia you have about a 1% chance of getting a job in first 6 months.

You best bet is to find a job before you arrive and you need to use your contacts via Pearson to do that. There are jobs in education publishing - I haven't met any expats recently doing that only locals but maybe there are jobs in that field. Ask your current employer!

Experienced expats will say the same - Malaysia is one of the hardest countries in the world to turn up and get a job in. There are many countries I would - and have - just turned up and got a job. But Malaysia no. I have unfortunately seen many people come and go inyour situation. Some blew all their savings. A few do manage to get jobs - but they had contacts to leverage locally and skills in demand. I'm not being negative just realistic. I only came back to Malaysia when I had a job offers to me - and I am in an area easy to get jobs in. Good luck though!

Hey Audrey! How are you? First of all, Selamat Datang in advance . I just read your post in the forum saying that you are moving here without a job in line. To be honest, since you said that you have 10 years experience in Finance and Business, that gives you massive advantages. But, you are moving to KL, as you know, the competitions are high between you and the other expats, the locals as well. I would suggest you to apply for a job here in advance, which could be done online . Well, my second thought, you may consider to apply a job in other area which are close to KL, like Sepang, Cyberjaya or Nilai. These area could give you variety of options for your future job. If you could tell me specifically about type of job that you want here, it will be my pleasure to help you! Cheers!


Hi Ahmad finance and business is not an advantage - expats in that field are mostly sent and mostly singaporeans and indians these days for roles as know local culture and cheaper. It is one of the harder fields to get a job when just turning up. Easy fields are certain kinds of engineering, transport and logistics, medical and oil related fields like geologist - experienced people that is.

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