5 good reasons for living in Ukraine


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Ukraine, what would be your top 5?

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According to one member of this forum there is no one:)

But this is a good topic and not an easy one. Thank you Julien.

My list is:
1) diverse nature: the Black Sea with Subtropical climate, the Carpathian Mountains for skiing, extensive forests etc.
2) natural/organic food
3) peaceful environment
4) low prices
5) history of this location (not only history of state Ukraine).

But I would point it out beforehand that each my item may be challenged. This is because people are different, they come from different countries and with different goals.

I am living here for the last 7 years
My List is:
1)cheap life in comparison with Europe.
2)Peaceful environment.
3)More good people here then bad:).
4)The main thing i like about Ukraine is that my WIFE is Ukrainian:)

But i am sorry to say that i couldn't find the 5th best reason:(.

This is really interesting question. I live here for the last 11 years and everytime I come back to Ukraine from foreign countries I ask myself what are the reasons to stay in Ukraine. Here is my top 3 reasons to live in Ukraine.
1) Great people. Ukrainians are emotional and sensitive - from here stems their amiable nature, absence of aggressiveness, and tendency to smooth out any conflicts. Ukrainians are also cheerful people with an extraordinary sense of humor.
2) Fantastic nature and good climate. The splendid and inimitable nature of Ukraine along with its ancient sights and architectural extravagances combined with the mild and moderate climate makes Ukraine an extremely attractive destination.
3) Tasty and natural food. Formed over centuries, and absorbing culinary traditions of various peoples, Ukrainian cuisine turned into one of the richest and the most diverse of Slavic cuisines.

1. Peaceful area
2. Food is healthy and has better taste and flavor (same thing?) :)
3. The people are friendly
4. Low Cost of Living compared to Europe and US
5. Ease of travel/public transportation (compared to US)
6. Geographical diversity in close proximity
7. Absolutely Beautiful Women (I know, I am being a bit sexist now, please forgive my being male)

Whats it like getting work over there?
I only speak a little Russian language.
But married to a Ukranian.

Work in Ukraine?

  From the question, I assume you're not living in Ukraine.....

Ask your wife.  Ask her why she married you.

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