Ukrainian behave with foreigners

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I just want to know about the behave of Ukrainian people with foreigners specially with Pakistani ? I heard that Ukrainian looks to Pakistani's with bad eyes is it true ? hope it is not.. Please can someone tell me the behave and thinking about Pakistani's in Ukraine ? Please advice to Pakistani students in Ukraine..

Here is a link with the title:
Yesterday the Ukrainian police robbed a foreigner

can someone explain it please ?

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Sonu Ahmad

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Well my experience with Ukrainian people is they treat everybody fantastic. And of statement!

Man, this is not right, in Kiev a lot of Arabs, Muslims, Asian, Africans, i didn't see any of what you are afraid of, you will find from all over the word all nationalities people they love ukraine because Ukrainian people are friendly and modest people
no fears, go to Ukraine and enjoy your time there

I live in Kharkiv and there are many students from around the world here.  Each with different experiences.  For all foreign nationals here we have different experiences.  But trouble, I have never seen any for them.

I must agree with the statements of Doug and Vox, I have lived and traveled through much of Ukraine and have never had any problems, we know several Pakistani people and none have ever mentioned any kind of problem, most Ukrainians are very welcoming and polite, like any country there are the odd few who are not as nice but on the whole most are nice people. I always find if you are friendly to them they are usually friendly to you.

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