Toulon French woman looking to connect with people English Speakers

Are you living in Bandol? Why are you originally from...are you French? Its very hard to find so many English speakers in the south. I will be living in a small town called Tamaris sur is in the Le Seyne area.  Maybe you have heard of this...tell me more on your end.

Hi I m rubel from Bangladesh.i would like to learn French language.I m new comer here.don't speak French.but I can speak English.but not too much.if u wanna speak group study or speak English regularly I think u can improve ur speaking skill and better for them who speak with u regularly......give me tips how can I learn French.please.have a nice day.bye

Hello friends,I am new in Toulon I also wish to meet new people who speaks English.i can help people to write and speak in French also.but it's free on my behalf,I just finished the exams so I am available anytime.

Hi Rebecca, are you moving in Toulon? And your working as a nanny? do you know anyone still looking for a nanny or house cleaner I dont mind even just for a month, as I really badly needed. Hope you can help me.Thank you in advance

For everyone around the Toulon area, I live in sanary and would love to meet fellow expats, I've been here for now 4 months and not been able to meet a single english person yet. Cheers for the replies.

Hello everyone.  I am Daniel and I am from Canada.  I will be visiting Toulon for about 2 weeks.  I would love to meet new people to show me around and I can help you with English as we do that.  I hope to hear from you.

Hi, I live in Sanary. I would be interested in meeting people to speak French/English. I come from Australia and I don't know many people in the area.

Hi! I live in bandol. If you want we can go for coffee or something. Let me know!

Hi, I'm an English native and have recently moved to Sanary Sur Mer, close to Toulon. I would really like to improve my French and would be very happy to do a language exchange. I would also like to meet other English speakers for a chat and make some friends in the area :) it would be great to hear from anyone who might be interested in meeting up.

Hi Lola,

Do you still live in Sanary? I've just moved there from England and would really like to meet people in the area and also improve my French hopefully. Let me know if you want to meet up :)

Hi there .

In reply to your post , I  would like to share  my interest ...........  I like Toulon  and have been visiting  several years every Autumn .  [Moderated]

Best Wishes .

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Hi dear friend if you are interested in learning and improve your knowledge I will be so pleased to help you

Hi my names Nick Wood, I'm an english expat living outside of Bandol with my fiancée and am looking to make new friends. I don't get the chance to speak as much english as I'd like here so having a chat over a coffee would be good if you're still in the area.



Hi Nicki It will be so nice to give you support You can pass me you fb or Wtspp so that we can talk about the matter. See you soon

Zharr :

Hi Nicki It will be so nice to give you support You can pass me you fb or Wtspp so that we can talk about the matter. See you soon

You could just PM Nick to establish contact and exchange information if interested  :whistle:

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi there, i just discovered this website. I live near Toulon. I'm ready to meet up, to discuss english/french.
See you soon


It's been a while since the last post but I thought I would reply.
I'm relocating to hyeres in September and know very little french.

Hello. It will be great to meet you. I am sudha. I am an Indian and would like to help with you learning English and I am also interested to learn French as well, though I find it very difficult :D

Hello guys,
I'm Didier from Paris. I've lived in this city over 10 years. I can speak English as well as French.


i will help with your english. my french is also not great ha ha but i hope to get better. i seen photos of toulon- it looks beautiful ! i think paris is nice but the more south looks amazing.

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