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My name is Florence, I have just moved to Sanary Sur Mer from England. My boyfriend is French and had to move back here for work.

I am keen to learn French but also meet English speaking people to talk to about expat life. If anyone would like to meet around the Sanary/Toulon area I would really like to hear from you :)

Hello Florence, I happen to live in Sanary sur Mer aswell, if you would love to meet up one day feel free to leave me a message! :)

Hi Svein,

Thanks for your reply! It would be great to meet up :) do you have an email I could message you on?

What brought you to Sanary?

Sent you an PM with email!

My girlfriend is the one who brought me here after we departed in London, when I went back to Norway, and she back to France. :)

I'm moving to Sanary-sur-mer this weekend for a year abroad with university.
I've not travelled much before and it is quite daunting as I'll be moving alone without any other students.
It would be nice to meet other English people whilst I'm there to feel a bit more at home.
Feel free to send me a message 🙂

Hi all,  I've just moved to Sanary with my French partner. I'm 30 and from England.  I'm on the look out for work (bar/labouring/maintenance/gardening/everything)  and would like to hear from anyone in the area. Happy to grab a coffee or beer anytime, can fill me in on the area. Drop me a message!


I've been living in Sanary since April. I haven't had any luck finding work but if you speak good French you will have a much better chance than me! Having more practical skills may help too. I don't know too much about the area but would be happy to tell you what I can :)

I live in La Seyne sur Mer And move to Sanary quite often so if you'd like we can meet for a drink.
I moved in south 15 years ago so if I can be of any help

Hi Florence,
I live next to Sanary and would be happy to meet new friend around a drink
Let me know
Best regards


Hay Nicowoo

My names Nick, similar story to you, moved from England to live in Bandol area where my fiancées family are. A lot depends on the quality of your French, if it's bad then the prospects of employment aren't great. If it's good then of course it's less of a problem.

For bad French my advice on work is that in March the poly tunnel farms that grow the plants for the many garden centres you will see here in southern France take staff on. It's not glamourous but there are other EU people (most of whom speak English) working there. Also if you are still looking for work over the summer get you name to some of the vine yards they hire over late august for the harvest and many need help before And after. These farms are twenty mins drive outside the coastal towns normally. There is a huge one out side Saint cyr.

For a good quality of living contact all the forien language schools, they need Real English speakers and people will pay well for lessons. You can begin advatising that straight away. Just brush up on your Grammar, its a big deal to the French. Also think about starting a fitness trainer course (if you haven't already got one) and focus on the English speaking clients, the hills outside of the main towns are covered in very prosperous expats of all nationalities, many of which would love an English fitness trainer.

Be prepared for a rollar coaster moving to France, but employment is the key, if you get a chance take it cause I think expats have a harder time than you may think getting work here. French employment law makes it more about who you know in order to get a break. Bonne chance!
Regards Nick Wood,


French guy living in Hyères. I'll probably move to Norway in a few years.
I'd be up to chat with you lot and share a drink.

See you!

Hey there. I'm from the uk and will be relocating to this area in September with my French boyfriend. It's nice to see there are plenty of other people in the same boat as me.

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