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I have recently moved to Doha myself. I am from England, but for one year I lived in Daegu. My girlfriend is from Daegu and I really want her to come out here to Doha and work. But, we find it difficult to find a job for her here. Do you have any ideas for jobs in Doha for Koreans?

Please, if you can help just message me. I would really appreciate any help!

I just found this website now and found your profile so I decided to sign up. It's really difficult to find any information online about available jobs in Doha for Koreans.

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Hello sd88.

Welcome to! :)

Can you please tell us more about her professional background?

I invite you to read these articles on Work in Qatar.

The Jobs in Doha section is available. You can post an advert there.

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Thank you for the reply Aurelie!

Ok, my girlfriend is qualified in Korean Literature from university, but holds other qualifications and experience.

She has English language certifications, experience in teaching, administration, dog kennels, catering, waitressing.

She looking for a possible career opportunity, although getting work inside Doha is the main priority first.

I shall take a look at the given links now. Again, your help is much appreciated Aurelie.



Hello sd88,

let her apply in Qatar foundation or all universities in Doha. That will help

Dear Madam,

Due to my physical condition, nowadays am working as a local agent in Nepal for a recruitment agency. If their possibility with your recommendation to find a job for Nepalese. Please, you may help me such a  way. Thanks

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