how to check mobily internet balance

Hey guys anyone know how to check the balance of mobily internet sim? How can I know ...‎and also how much mobily 3g connect unlimited? i checked on internet but cant find any info

Calling from Mobily network: 1100
Calling from others' network: 0560101100

unliited for phone is 300 iirc
5gb on phone is 200sar


guys all of you are giving wrong answer if u don't know correct answer don't comments plz


quazimujawez :


Wow! I believe the correct answer finally drops in after 9 months!

Dear Sir,
Please tell how to know check internet balance, this much mb we used, this much is remaining.

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to check its *1422#

checks usage balance

To check the data (MB's) balance dial *1411*2#
To check the expire date dial *1411#


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this is the best. thank you very much for your help! i love you all......

correct answer *1411*2# thank you so much..............

*1622#  for data sim   4g

hi there
i purchased a sim to get internet package and got a daily 25/unlimited package but could;d not use on the same day due to some business.
now i need to know weather or not that package is still available on my sim or not.
how to check, please. i dialed *1422# but it said only used net and said you did not used any data.

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Priscilla :)

I'm Imran
From Saudi Arabia

I have internet sim. 3 month packages, per wwk 15 gb
But this week package is over, How can I know when my sim will be activated?

how to knowing my net sim balance

Dial *1411# or *1411*2#


*1411# then call

Hi guys...can anyone till me how to chick..Iinternet page's...balance in Saudi.....please :(


Download the mobile operator app and register and you can check it there

or you can just call your operator

Just dial *1411*2# for prepaid net sim 10GB above. This will work for mobily

For stc
Go to the web page of your mobile or pc which is connected to the internet sim by typing the then you gonna find there many ootions including you data status.

How to renew mobily sim 10GB old sim

how to pak 10 gb from old sim


Shahidumar :



100% right..thanks ma'm

I tried how many times but it's not working

*1411*1# check the internet details
*1411# check the availability

dear sir pls
i want to know my data balance

how can i renew my package internet ? what the code i need to send in 1100

   I need mobile internet validity check ing options

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