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Could you please help me by providing the address of SCE at Jubail, KSA.

It is all online

Raziqkhaleel :

Sir I registered in Saudi council of engineers after paying initial amount of 500 sar iam waiting for since a week I Dnt get any reply & my iqama is expired & need & guide line how many days it will take to verify or my degree is attested from my home country with culturals on June 2011 so sir pls guide me how many days for sce process

Hi Razeeq,

I'm also facing this same problem. It would be grateful if you could share with me how long it was taken for you to complete this process.?


there is no office in jubail its in dammam check wesite

They've an online support on their website:

and there's this number also: 920020820
I remember I'd an issue earlier and they were very supportive.

Good Luck

I think all attestation process in online and dont need to go there physically!

Any information regarding the profession change.....................need to change from technician to engineer......fani abniyaaa.......

the stopped the professional change

i want to know kabayan if  there is  a chance to  cancel the document which my boss submitted to SCE  .i work as draftsman here in ksa hofuf  .the one he submitted is fake come from my agency . i have diploma graduate  but still in process in my school  . i call my school they can process my certification of graduate 5 days but the diploma is one month my ekama will expire  after 3 weeks .II'm  worried for about this.and one thing im only graduate  technical draftsman not  5 years course .

No chance of cancellation.

same problem.....

if you have created an online account for SCE you can update your certificates. Else visit SCE and ask them to delete your account and you create a new one.

Hello All....Can anyone tell how much time it will take to get permanent membership in saudi council of engineer once we get temporary membership and also to update the profession name..

Thank You


May be a week or 10 days time, you will be informed through sms and also you can check the status on SEC website. Regarding the "change in profession" on Iqama is closed for Engg, it seems. So your Iqama will not get new profession.

my boss tell he ask Sce to delete my account and and now he create a new one for me  but unfortunately my all documents still in process in my school will take time in issuing and authenticating my documents i told my boss it will take one month to accomplish everything in my documents . i work as draftsman for 8 years  for my boss only ( one company only) my only problem if saudi council will accept one year course graduate in university  and i did not finish a  5 years course .i only have one year course diploma.please help me if still have chance to register even in technical not engineer registration . i dont need to change my ekama status to engineer because im not engineer.

zamzam881983 :

Hellow dear;

Have you Applied for your SEC registration, or any information regarding your issue.

I have little bit different case from you, I have got B-tech (Bachelor of technology) dgree (2 Years) after DAE, I want to inquire if I can apply for SEC member ship, If you have received any information kindly share with me.

Did you get any answer or any details?? Would you please share ?? I am going through same situation.

Plz help me registering in SCE as technician without diploma.

Dear friends,

Im Rafael Abril a new here in kingdom i register for profesional acreditation last October 17,2017  and payment of 500 SAR was already done. My concern is up to now 1 month already but my application is still pending and mention "still in audit phase" i call the service hotline but the operator always telling that they already send reminder from auditing Department.
Please kindly support  me what will i do mga kabayan.thanks in advance

Visit Personally to SEC office and get your process done

Sir kabi thanks for your reply. I have 1 more problem, where i can get the registration number? I already upload all the documents needed and pay the bills in sadad but i didnt notice the registration number.please kindly support me.thank you in advance!appreciate your usual assistance

As you have uploaded all your documents you might have got confirmation mail or sms in that only you will be having your registration id.

Yes brother "we are audit phase " mention in the work place. Ticket was already send to be and confirmed by the customer service operator but still same result. pending for 1 month already, it is possible to apply my iqama by my employer in this case?

No way unless they approve your case. Iqama will be renewed or issued for first time after their approval. Visit Their office personally and request for proceeding fast and ask the reason for delay.

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