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Hi everyone my name is Lilian staying in subang jaya. I have been on yearly dependent (social) visa.  I am planning to study in one of the colleges in Subang Jaya.  does anyone knows if i am eligible to study in Malaysia under dependent visa?

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as i know you must apply for student visa instead. so that you could stay longer with a relevant reason. you must have to obtain some documents from the college,and proceed further. check with the college,they will have relevant department to help

Thanks Aurelie for the welcome and for the reply Celine.  I called the immigration department for dependent visa in Putra Jaya and he said that i can study without applying a student visa just use the dependent visa since you can only hold 1 visa at a time.

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That's cool. dependant visa plus student pass/permit:)

yes u can study at dependent visa.  this site can give u more info

Check with ur college, they will do the necessary arrangement for you to obtain the student visa,You must have student visa to study in Malaysia. Dependent Visa will be the first step to get student visa

My wife has a travel visa to malaysia already. And her dependant pass stage 1 has been approved while she left to india. Now what is the further process. Does she have to get passportstamping in india or can she come to malaysia on travel visa and submit her passport for further process of dependant application

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