Need advice for Visa issue

Hi all,

I need to discuss a situation and want some advice from experts here.

One of my friend, an iOS developer in Pakistan, accepted a job offer from Malaysia. He sign the contract with the company and send passport copy for visa processing. HR told him that they will update him once stage 1 is done. After that the HR haven't contact him. He send emails to them but they didn't reply. Meanwhile he got another offer from Malaysia (with better salary package). He waited 2 weeks for the first company and since they haven't reply... he accepted the second offer and also sign the contract with the 2nd company, send them his passport copy to process stage 1.
The 2nd company processed his stage 1 and send him the approval letter etc. After few days the 1st company wake-up and also send him stage 1 approval letter and ask him to proceed... but he already sign contract with the 2nd company and got visa from them... But now the first company is threatening him that they will blacklist him and he cant work in Malaysia.

Now he got visa on his passport from the 2nd company. We want to travel and join them but scared that if the 1st company will blacklist him then he will be in trouble...

I need advice what he should do in this case? and is there a possibility that the 1st company will blacklist him? he is trying to negotiate with them and offer them that he will pay back all the processing cost etc.

Thanks in advance!

Fayzan Siddiqui.

Hi Fayzan,

I would like to give my opinion, but note that it is only my opinion and perhaps there are others who are better qualified to give some more accurate advice.

As far as the first company is concerned, I doubt very much that they have any power to blacklist anybody. Also, as long as your friend made every effort to contact them, hopefully several times, and if he failed to get any form of response, then I believe he is not at fault. The only possible problem is whether or not your friend contacted the first company to inform them that he has since accept another job, allowing them time to stop the visa application.

If I were in your friends situation, I wouldn't worry about threats of blacklisting because your friend already has his visa. However, others with better knowledge of the Malaysian visa/work permit process may offer better advice.

I think offering to repay the cost of the processing, if any, is very reasonable. But he should check carefully whether any payment has actually already been made or not. The way I see it is that the first company acted too slowly and lost a potential employee.

Sorry I cannot help more and that I am only offering an opinion.


Hi Hansson,

Thanks for your advise. Really appreciate. I will share your thoughts with him. :)

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