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HI... am Indian
  I went to Malaysia for work on visit visa i work in a company for 5 months the company told me to provide me WP but told lie did not provide me WP and not paid my salary also even i paid for WP Indian 20.000/- company has taken that amount also... and company had taken my passport also so that i cant go any were with out passport. i came back from Malaysia 2 months back in (sept) month after getting my passport.... My Question is when they chop Exit pass on my passport it was ban for 5 years its sad for me ,,, but its not my mistake ... can i mail to immigration and tell all this and can i make re correction on my passport from Malaysian immigration.... Any advice would be help full


No - they will not remove the ban. Forget about working in Malaysia - surely you have learnt the hard way NOT to pay to work here. You should have made a Police Report while you were in Malaysia.

if i go to police the police will put me in jail coz i was over stayed more then one month i have taken help with the advocates there they also told same if go to police will be under trouble so did not go there ... but its not my mistake the company had did all this taken my passport my money also am not able to go even out side also like that i was there but now am in India ...with safe i came back ,,, but i got ban for 5 years its a black mark to my passport

The police would have taken your statement and you could have provided evidence against the company and agent that cheated you. You would have then been deported and given the 5 yr ban. The police do not arrest people who make statements, but hand them to the immigration department for action. Did you spend any time in a detention centre or did you just go to the airport?

After Getting my passport i went to immigration dept in puterjaya and they ask my passport i gave my passport they told me to wait ,,, and then they told to pay fine 400RM and the chop Exit pass and told exit with in 14days from Malaysia ... But they chop in Red INK in passport date of 5years, when i was with company & my passport they the company scared me if do any police compliant  r any wrong out side i will be ban for 5 year and 5 country also

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