Visa of East Malaysia on arrival? I have work visa of West Malaysia

Hi friends,

I want to visit Sarawak and Sabah but I only have visa of West Malaysia.
Can I get visa of East Malaysia on arrival as I am allowed to stay in West part as a working professional.

Please advise in detail ..


I don't think there is a separate visa for East Malaysia. However, you would need to bring your passport.

Thank you WRosli.
I think I could get on arrival visa.

Hi, your Employment Pass covers West Malaysia but the Multiple Entry Visa endorsed on it is for Malaysia including East Malaysia. On entry into East African states, you would be considered as a Social Visitor and endorsed with the Social Visit Pass for up to 30 days.


Anyone have any updates regarding  on this matters.

Your sharing is kidnly appreciable.


If you are legally staying in Malaysia on an employment pass you can travel to east Malaysia and receive an on-entry endorsement. Same country, just that the pass you have is valid for employment in Peninsular Malaysia - but you have the right to remain in Malaysia and travel within its borders.

Hi Gravitas,

Thaks for the useful infos. Just rumors  do say  written WEST MALAYSIA on EP doesnt allow u to travel EAST MALAYSIA.  But Logically, allow in entrire malaysia even its far to next continent  but the same country.

I will Travel East soon and update  here the lastest information as well.

Thanks again

30 days duration to stay in Sabah & Sarawak.
Same as local west malaysia residents.

Did you travel? Any leads or further info?

No yet dude. If i ever travel then I will update here

So I travelled myself! Yes I visited Sabah (KK) last weekend and it was pretty smooth. East Malaysia have their own immigration even for Malaysians. So as long as one has a valid Malaysian visa (EP included), he can visit East. Social visit is granted with maximum stay of 30 days! Just carry passport, return tickets and proof of stay. Enjoy the trip, its well worth it!

This is my third time I travel in east Malaysia and they just stamp on passport for 30days stay so don't worry to travel to east Malaysia..I also have work permit of west malaysia

Hi , i am EP holder working in kl.. i am planning to go sabah... Due to taxation, i should be in malaysia for 182 days... I have been out of malaysia for 14 days... Hence, i should not exit from Malaysia. If I travel to Sabah, will my passport stamped exit and entry at immigration ???  Any idea ???

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