Moving to Taipei for Work.


I am moving to Taipei for work.
I will be coming from Boston, MA - USA.
I have accepted an invitation for employment and will be moving to Taipei in 9 weeks.
It is a great oprotunity for me personally and professionally.
I am truly looking forward to the experience.
I will be recieving a residence visa and from what I am told I should have a problem staying year to year if I so choose.

My only problem is I really would like my girlfriend to come live with me there.  She really wants to come with me too, but we are not sure how we can make it happen.  She also wants to go to school for nursing and want to work as well.

Can anyone give me some advise where to start?
What I don't want to happen is to bring her there and be she forced to leave. I figure it can't be to difficult to get her over there with me but we are not sure where to start.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much.

Basically your company has to extend your visa for you or you have to find another job. If you don't care what you do and want to stay on in Taiwan then teaching is the best option to get another visa.

If your girlfriend was actually your wife then you could get her a visa. For her to get a visa then the usual channels apply: teaching, studying Chinese.



If a foreigner professional comes to work in Taiwan , their dependents may apply for residency on the grounds of "joining relatives".

Maybe you should propose to her! :) what are you waiting for?

If a foreign professional's dependents wish to work in Taiwan , they must apply for a work permit in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Service Act governing foreign professionals.

For more detail information, you should contact Department of Investment Service MOEA at E-mai:hirecruit[at] TEL:(886-2)23709687 FAX:(886-2)27576610

Best Luck! and GO Red Sox!!!


Hi guys,

My name is Neth Cook. Im from Manila. I am looking for Vietnamese, Singaporean, Thai, Taiwanese, Chinese and Malaysian speaking agents. Our project in Europe are done so I am now focusing Asia. I am wondering if some of you here are looking for jobs. As long as you can translate the job in English on reporting and your personal computer model should compatible to soft phone for calling. Let me know who are interested please and send your resume to neth.cook[at]

Hope to hear from you guys!

Hi neth.cook,

Could you please post your advert in the Taipei classifieds > job section? Thank you.

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