Looking for a room / flat mate Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Hi everyone,

I a Dutch student pursuing a bachelor degree in hospitality management. For my 10 months during internship I start to work at a big hotel chain on Monday.

I am looking for a someone who would like to share a flat with me. I will not be at home a lot since I've to work 6 days a week. 

I am an open, relaxed, and spontaneous person with a positive mindset. If you are also searching for a flat mate, please let me know, than we can meet to have a drink somewhere ;)

Cheers, Timothy Heinen

Hi and welcome to the forum timothyheinen!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the accommodation section of Kuala Lumpur classifieds.
It might help ;)


Hi, thanks for your suggestion! I just posted it under classifieds ;)

Hi Timothy

I am looking for a roommate for my master bedroom located at Bukit Bintang. You might like to refer to my classifieds. In fact, you can even move in today. ;) We can discuss on the rental.

Btw, I noticed we are both in the same industry. It would be nice to chat.


Hi Cristina, I've sent you a private message! Greatz

timothyheinen :

Hi Cristina, I've sent you a private message! Greatz

Got it. Replied. Thanks Timothy ;)

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