Getting married in Morocco

Who said they Marry Virgins come on, some men marry Divorced women too, Guess this topic is hurting you making u feel .... Some women are ok with it some are not , you are the one not ok with it So that's your Decision. Every One has there Choice. 

I will tell u again look around you and tell me who has 4 wives ??? or even 2.

Lynn19 :

Oh dear I always seem to upset people...mmm...anyway ..everyone is free to live as they choose..thing is some women in islam don't have that choice as their husband can do it regardless..that's the difference..this my point..I am married to a muslim so hoping he does not just an ounce to me one day this what he would I have a choice ?...if not then it's divorce for me...just sayin

I'm not upset. You're speaking hypothetically. I'm not. Beside my uncle, my own mother after divorce married a man who already was married. His first wife did have the choice of leaving the marriage. They do have the option of divorce. You're speaking as if they are stuck in the marriage and must accept being a co-wife. That's not the case. So if it's not working out, she can leave. How many times do women find out their husband's been cheating on them, but manage to forgive him, and remain in the marriage. At the end of the day, he was sleeping with her and another (possibly more). So what difference is that from polygamy if she can continue life with him even after he slept with others? Some can't accept it, and divorce. I see polygamy as basically making the relationship you have with another official, being honest about it, rather than keeping it a secret and cheating on your wife. At least the first wife would know about it, rather than suspect the person is up to no good behind her back. Then she can decide what to do. I guess it's better than not knowing who her husband is seeing and trying to figure out who it is, checking his phone, emails, spying on him, and turning into a detective, or a nuisance more like. I'm sure she would rather it wasn't a secret and out there in the open. Anyway it's not the usual type of marriage. Men are suffering with one as it is, they don't want to add to the headache & stress. But it can become a useful option in certain cases. It provides flexibility and offers solutions beside simply divorce or cheating. I don't see what the fuss is about, as it's not as if most men are married to 2, 3, or 4 woman. I see it as something that can be an option in certain cases.

lizsnap :

Sorry I don't know why polygamy  was then thrown out of the ring and same sex marriage came in total ends of the spectrum and all this because one woman was brave enough to ask why???

It's not brave, it's butting into the private lives of others which shouldn't matter to her nor concern her. The point I made was simple. Which was the same people don't question someone who decides to get married to a partner of the same gender, because they respect their decision to live their life the way they see fit, and leave them be without asking questions about it, why this, why that, and forcing them to defend their choice and justify their reasons. Because it's their private life, and rightly so. Would she ask them if it's fair for a child they adopt to miss out on a mother or father, having an abnormal upbringing, and other questions. Unlikely. Had he came along and said he's interested in marrying his husband-to-be, she is unlikely to have said a word. But because he said it's a second wife-to-be, god forbid, there should be a big fuss about it! No there shouldn't. Can people not give him the same respect that they give others who practice a different type of marriage as well, or at least leave him be. It's his private life too, and he's entitled to one as much as others without anyone butting in. He didn't ask for our opinion on his marriage. It's nothing to do with any of us. Who is anyone to question why he chooses to live that way. It shouldn't concern anyone. He isn't doing anything illegal. Go ask others their reasons why they live a particular way that isn't the norm in societies .. Is it because Muslims have become such an easy target nowadays, and their practices regularly criticised... People care about what we wear on the beach, what we eat, what we don't drink, and now who we marry...who he marries doesn't have any impact on our lives, so concern yourself with your own life as my mother correctly told me when I objected to her marriage.

There is much more I could choose to say but will opt out as I seem to be offending. Everyone regardless of religion culture etc can do as they so wish it's no one else's business as you say. I am simply just confused as to why people still practice polygamy as my opinion is its unnecessary but that's my opinion. Men obviously think it's their God given right to have as many women as they please whether it be through cheating or they can't control their urges..and seemingly becoming agitated if their wife turns into a nuisance being a detective because she suspects her husband dare she ! ...why get married in the first place ! ...Oh yea ...he needs someone to do his dirty laundry and feed his stomach !..

Also I would like to add I think it sad that a woman has to accept that if her husband chooses to marry a second wife she has to live with the knowledge that she is not enough for him, and he's not satisfied with sad ! her is choice is with his decision and be in a loveless marriage or divorce...what a choice !

Lynn19 :

Sooooo....Let me also ask.....reverse the tables, ....stop and think for few moments. If it were the other way around guys....would you sit down, accept it and shut up! ...while u may disagree your wife is allowed another 1,2 or 3 marriages and you have no say in the matter ! now tell you agree ?...are you gonna come up with some lame excuses now ? 🙅

I read through most of your previous posts regarding this idea on this topic as well as the related comments of othere.

What islam allows by law or what an individual woman wishes it didn't allow is really a debate you may find more indeapthly and better addressed personally by an Imam and a man  in your life who maybe facing such a decision.....a father, uncle, brother, son, husband..... it is a personal issue.

I know people who live in polygamy according to islamic law. The man and women involved made those choices for very valid reasons. I may not have made the same choice. It does work for them. But, that is really about personal family problems and the decisions people make about their problems and how each individual addresses those issues with God. I must point out, this is not in any way an alternative to circumvent the restrictions forbidding same sex marriage in Morocco. That is illegal in Morocco. Only tbe man is allowed to be married to multiple wives. Each of his wives is only allowed to be married to her husband. His wife has no legal relatioship between her any other wife he may have. Of course there is a  moral obligation for her to be polite to his other wife and children born to the other wife. 

I agree the practice of polygamy may not always be a fair situation for any of the wives or children of a man if he is selfish about his reasons for entering into such a lifestyle. Of course there can be selfishness on the first wife's part to forbidding it. Yes, I agree with other people's posts about immoral alternatives that happen in the world, obviously these can result in much more unfairness to potential illegitimate children or to abandoned wives or to the ruin of deflowered young women. Let me point out, these immoral things still happen even when polygamy is allowed.  Extramarital relationships are never victimless acts of immortality and poygamy doesn't resolve those kinds of problems.  The modern world still remains populated at 51% women to 49% men, so the ideas that involve a disparity in gender population don't stand as an argument. What was said about an ancient  post war population of 5 women to 1 man is an idea involving the seriously out of date idea. I have heard it before as an out of contextual recitation of  Quran  (Forgive my poor English interpretation and my out of context use ), but Quran says something about caring for war widows and orphans and in another place something about taking up to 4 wives only if a man can be goes on to say a man can never be fair to 4 wives so taking 1 wife is wise. I am no expert on Quran, so forgive me if I have over stated myself.

With that said, in Morocco,  polygamy (more than one wife) is technically legal. Assuming the legal system is slow to advance, there is always the possibility as technology changes our world it may change  how the Moroccan court conducts itself to comply within law.  Moroccan currently law does require the full disclosure of the intention to take a second, third,..... wife to all the previous and future wives. The Moroccan court does (at least did 5 years ago) require a judicial interview of the existing wives or if that isn't possible due to poor proximity or health situation, a formal/legally obtained affidavit from the previous wife might be allowed. The mans potential wife will most likely be interviewed by the judge to ensure she is completely aware she will not be this man's sole wife. It will be written into the marriage contract. If it is not, then the marriage contract can be rendered invalid if any party chooses to challenge it.

With that said, if any person within the marriage is from a country that has any formal restrictions regarding polygamy, then those laws apply to the marriage according to Moroccan law. So, as I am an American woman and American law doesn't recognize polygamy, I cannot legally agree to a polygamy marriage for my Moroccan husband. Meaning, my husband (I am his first wife) would be required by Moroccan law to divorce me before taking another wife, nor could I  have agreed (theoretically) to become his second wife. This is because it is what American law requires.

Of course there maybe always be some sort of new legal loop to which I am not aware. But, I believe this is how Morocco is progressing in this modern world and making an attempt to restrict the use of polygamy yet as Morocco is a Muslim country it must comply with Sharia law by allowing polygamy. It is difficult to resolve the very unfair situations the use of polygamy by some men has set for women and children in the past.

If you are ever faced with this situation,  I suggest you weigh the options and alternatives carefully. Marriage and Divorce are always serious decisions.

Thank you Nebraska girl for taking the time to leave a very informative.lengthy comment, I found it extremely interesting and well researched. I understand all you say and agree. As far as I'm aware if a woman marries in Morocco under sharia law she must abide by that law. So if the husband chooses a second wife, apparently he must now ask the first wife's permission, if she does not agree he cannot marry again. But I have heard stories of some men leaving their home town and marrying in a different area to hide the fact they have another wife, so they are doing so illegally. As I am British. Under no circumstances can I or would I accept my husband taking another woman. As you said it states in koran for purposes of helping widows in war etc. But in this day and age there is no need. Obviously islam does not agree to people being unfaithful to their partner if married, so to allow men to sleep around so to speak, it still permits polygamy. It should be abolished. This my opinion.and I stick by it. Men want faithful wives, why shouldn't women be given faithful husbands

Good reply masha Allah

Hi not trying to start a argument here but I don't think laws in islam can be abolished also there no evidence in the Quran and sunnah to show that men have to ask wives for permission to marry again. Ive researched into it too and I couldn't find anything to prove it,

Pity it should be...stupid allowing men to marry up to 4 wives.. ridiculous..women don't have worth if men can do this. There is no need for it, therefore unnecessary. As far as I'm aware, in Morocco they do have to ask the first wife's permission, New law. So at least they are giving their women some moral value.

Jeeze.. imagine being married to love them so much. You can't imagine them wanting to be with anyone else apart you, you can't imagine them touching someone else, as this your soulmate. Then they just come home one day and announce to you, oh by the way, I am taking another wife ! . And they don't even need to ask you demoralizing for any woman ! They must feel they are not good enough, or their husband just wants to 'taste ' another woman. So worthless is the word that springs to mind here. And to be honest, I have no respect whatsoever for those so called men. They don't deserve 1 wife never mind 4 ! It's a man's world they say right ? Well in islam is certainly is !

Well thats the a option that given in islam and laws in islam cannot be abrogated, some laws have been abrogated snd that was during the time of the prophet, either we follow whats written in the Quran or we don't its simple, can't pick and choose the verses that please us

Well that's obvious...and i bet you guys are so happy that your prophet created those laws for you..I bet if it was other way round you would not just sit and accept that you sit alone at home as its not your ' allocated ' nite in the week..while your wife screws 1 of her other husbands...can you imagine that ?...but you don't care right ? ..

Islam is wrong in many ways  :rolleyes:

Respected miss,
Islam is not wrong, If you do not like it then please do not discriminate it.
so i request you to please seal your words and you are not the almighty to judge any thing and any one in this damn world.
If you cant respect then at least you should not discriminate or say bad about any religion.

I have a right to say as I please. If I feel strongly enough about anything I will speak my mind. It's a free world. I think some people do not like hearing the truth.

Lynn19 :

Well that's obvious...and i bet you guys are so happy that your prophet created those laws for you..I bet if it was other way round you would not just sit and accept that you sit alone at home as its not your ' allocated ' nite in the week..while your wife screws 1 of her other husbands...can you imagine that ?...but you don't care right ? ..

You are from the UK.  Polygamy is not a problem for you. You simply can't agree to enter in or remain in a polygamous relationship.
I really don't care if you are or are not Muslim, but from your statement, I am under the impression that you are not a Muslim.

I suggest you don't marry a man who is Muslim and from another country.  if you are going to marry one, you must accept the laws of his faith and land as well as accept him.

If you are concerned a man may choose to enter into a polygamous marriage with more women and he is not a member of your family, I suggest you to remember it may not be your place to get involved. You can't assume all situations of marriage (and polygamy) are simply about sex. Why reduce it to when someone is allowed to engage in their marital blessing. That idea restricts the whole institution of marriage to a very superficial sexual concept. Take polygamy out of the concept and then look at your own Grandparents and try to imagine restricting their marriage to that limit.  It gets a bit uncomfortable to think of those people in sexual terms. Their monogamous marriage probably isn't just about sex. People in polygamous marriage probably don't see their marriage as  just about sex either.

I am not advocating Polygamous Marriage. I won't condemn "immoral" those people who choose it (if it is done legally).

For the women in other countries (not your own), the idea of a polygamous marriage may quite normal and reasonable under certian circumstances.  It is pretty arrogant for you to assume you "know better for them". Why do you think you should say how a woman should live with her husband? Is it based on the culture and laws of your country and not those of hers?

To address the issue of whether or not a first wife should be allowed to agree to her husband taking a second wife under Sharia law, it is a moot point.
Like it or not, Sharia law isn't open to be changed.
A woman has the right to divorce....even under Sharia Law. Adivorce  may be complicated, but if she doesn't agree to her husband taking a second wife, she can divorce him assumeing there isn't some civil law in her home country preventing it. Moroccan law says she can as well.

In Morocco the permission of the first wife it is a requirement under civil law, not the religious law. Meaning, it is not about addressing the changing ideas of morality or even an attempt to change Sharia Law.
It is about ensuring that the parties involved in the legal contract of marriage are fully informed of the marrital status of the other to protect the whole family.
This right to prior marrital disclosure, is given to families to help prevent a possible dishonest man and women from entering into a  marriage to fraudulently gain or hide property from a man's wife or children.  Secrete families are not legal. A man can be held liable for damages to all his wives and children if proven....not to mention one or more of his marriages can be annulled. These kinds of things are capable of stripping  children from what would normally be their right to inherit from the passing of a father.  So, I hope you can understand Morocco's marital disclosure law is more about protecting the legitimate rights of children, rather than a debate as to whether or not the concept of polygamy is a sexually moral choice.

okay miss say whatever you wanna say but please ensure the things before throwing out of your mouth  and the authenticity of words with proper reference.
Right to speak means, It doesn't means that you will speak rubbish.
so be humble and calm.
may allah guide you through the right path.
Insha allah.

one advice for you : If you need better and depth knowledge of islam and prophets teachings,go read Quran in arabic so that you can understand correctly and properly.

Ok...I will never understand and believe that any woman.regardless.of where she's from would want to share her husband. I do understand it happens and its permitted, but I do know of many many stories of women who have not been asked, have no choice, and are not happy about their situation but have to accept as this their law in islam. They can not afford to live with their children without the financial help from their husbands, and their own family help them if they choose to divorce. So they live unhappily with no choice. Those are the.women I speak for. It's not just people who are not muslim who disagree, also many muslim women do not want this. I do know a lot about islam as I am married to a muslim man, and I have read the koran, all of it. It's very contradictive, and makes no sense to me. Again my right to say as I please. We are married, he has his opinions on Christianity, I on islam. We don't agree on certain issues, but still respect each other. I don't agree on polygamy for whatever reason, to me it's morally wrong.

asalamu alaykum,
i understand your way of thinking but it requires clarity
and a single approach towards it.
I really appreciate your thinking towards polygamy and i am in your support for it.
the fact is "no married and true woman wants to share his husband with others".
in quran its mentioned that man can marry four or many womens only,If can make justice to all of them in every aspects of worldly life and Islamic life.
and if he is unable to do the justice then he cant marry many.
for him only one is enough.
I understand your voice which is raising for the support of women how are stuck in polygamy,
The thing is teachings of Islam is pure and non-manipulated but nowadays we Muslims are not strictly following the teachings of Islam and
we became weak in our imaan,Due to this all this problems are raising.
do not blame Islam and Quran for the issue, Its we who are not loyal to things which god has reviled to us.

Everything is clear and crisp in Islam if we known the quran properly but we mammals(human beings) are manipulating the things according to the worldly needs...
this is the main root cause of problem.
the solution is if we all muslims start following isalm strictly Insha allah i am sure that there will be no problem in this world.
before concluding one more thing i want to suggest you miss LYNN or sister,please dont compare or co-relate the things or the teachings of two different religion, because of this everyone will be in dilemma and which will create more problems further.


Wa Alikom Salam khouya. Choukran Bazaf for your informative comment. not mean to offend anyone honestly and if I do I apologize. It's just sometimes.I feel strongly about certain circumstances and find hard to relate to it so for that speak my mind. As you said which I completely agree to is that no married and true.woman.wants to share her husband . As I love my husband so much. I simply cannot comprehend this at all. It would destroy my inner self and make me feel worthless and that I was not enough for him and he didn't love me enough to want another. So I simply cannot understand a muslims woman's way of thinking if she happily accepts this. Or maybe some people marry for convenience rather than true love. I also agree with you when you say people are manipulating everything regardless.of the korans teachings to please themselves. This where a.big problem lies. My husband and I debate about religion, as we follow different religions but we know where we stand with each harm ever comes of it...I wish you.and all a good day ..

thanks a lot for your wishes miss...
i would like to known more about you and your life..
If you consider me a capable candidate to converse.

Welcome...any away. If I can answer I will be glad to  :)

What nationality are you? Every country has its own requirements and rules to follow when marrying a Moroccan. I can tell you that it is not an easy process being that i married a Moroccan national one year ago.

If that question is for me enypenny , I am.Scottish.

enypenny :

What nationality are you? Every country has its own requirements and rules to follow when marrying a Moroccan. I can tell you that it is not an easy process being that i married a Moroccan national one year ago.

I am American.
I live in Morocco.
I agree with you about this.

I often speak with people from many places who want to marry in Morocco. Yes, the requirements for an international person for getting married to a Moroccan National are different based on that person's sex, age, and country of origin.....and where those people prefer to live after marriage.  If you are a young Pakistani or Indian man, and you want you live in Morocco after you marry,  you will clearly need to submit different documents than I did as an older American woman making a similar choice to live in Morocco with my husband. If you are Lybian or Egyptian and plan to live in your homeland, you will clearly need different documents than someone who is French or British making the same choice. Weather you be man or woman, if you are ever wanting to bring your spouse to your homeland, then a better start maybe to learn about the marriage process and the laws of your homeland prior to the wedding in Morocco.

I always suggest people to contact their Consulate or Embassy for the full list of regulations they will need to follow to keep their family safely together.

It was directed at you but now i am confused. I initially assumed based on the heading that you needed help with marrying in Morocco and i just noticed all the comments and the actual topic of discussion. Feel free to PM me if you need help but if i was mistaken then no worries :)

enypenny :

It was directed at you but now i am confused. I initially assumed based on the heading that you needed help with marrying in Morocco and i just noticed all the comments and the actual topic of discussion. Feel free to PM me if you need help but if i was mistaken then no worries :)

Please share what you know. I once posted a full list of requirements, but that was 6 years ago. If you go back into the archives,  you can find it. If you have a more current list, I am sure many people reading this forum would love to read it.

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