Photography (not the normal questions)-Riyadh

Ive been there before, so i know the drill.

However, im asking on a more FUN level.
Are there any photography clubs in Riyadh? (we had 3 in jeddah!)
Is there anywhere to get decent 35mm film?
Are there reliable places to develop and scan (NOT lugging my scanner with me)

Yes i shoot digital, however, i prefer film, so im trying to make sure it is worth it to pack two setups (digital and film) since i take lots of pictures of historical places/landscapes everywhere i go.


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Hope you find what you are looking for, I may also join should you find anything dont forget to post about it.

Will do!
I am about 98% sure it isnt a problem. Jeddah had an AWESOME shop right by our compound that developed my film and printed ANYTHING (i had some off the wall photoshoots with people) without saying a word. Awesome pakistani guy

Well for film and such, there are a lot of "passport photo" stores (whatever you call them) on pretty much every street, maybe head in those and see if they know where you can go or help you out.
Or if you know smeone who is heading home, to UK or USA ect. why not order what you want and have it delivered to their home and they ca then bring it out with them. Then at least you can take your pick and get exactly what you want

There was an American guy here last year; his wife was a teacher and he was the trailing spouse. They lived in the DQ.

Anyway, he was a professional photographer and asked many of the same questions you've asked.

I tried to find the thread in the archives but have been unsuccessful :(

its more of, do i order 200.00 in film before i come, or just bring a little and chance it, and if i cant find any, just break out the 7d. I mean, either way ill have my gear, so i can do shoots

@Freshlikesushi, unfortunately there are no organized photography clubs in Riyadh. There are, however, solo amatuers & other guys with impressive skills.

About 35mm, again I don't think so. Those film things have really seem to have got obsolete. Most passport-making shops also use digital cams.

There is one big name for cam accessories situated on Oruba street Riyadh. Here is the URL: (Arabic only site).

i actually found a few that are around. Hopefully when i get there ican attempt to set one up and get it going. Having a hobby makes time pass!

As for that website. i actually used them last year to get a part i needed for a tripo din jeddah that Al Ballad didnt have.  But i ronically, if you go to any of hte markets, and find a canon dealer, you can normally haggle the prices down.  I got a second 7d body for 300.00 less than i would pay in the states, and manfrotto tripod for 80.00 less.  that being said, im not really looking to buy anything. i have MORE than enough equipment, im having to leave 3/4 of it in the states lol

Ill prolly start up a wordpress blog when i get there and try and spread to see if we cant get a database of people.
you can see my stuff here:

i do automotive and conceptual portrature mostly. alot of events to fill in the rest of the schedule

I just got into film photography and can't find any place to scan or develop can u PLEASE tell me where you used to develop and next to which compound because I've been going crazy looking for a place

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