RC flying club in Khobar or Dammam?

I m looking for a flying club in khobar or dammam.anyone have some information about it please let me know

I want that information too

KSA is threatened ..... ( I can not continue this sentence, since any thing I wrote which could be classified as POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS was banned by a team member who does not like me)

Radio Controlled or Remote Controlled flying poses many security threats, it is very unlikely that the authorities will allow it.

riazcdki :

KSA is threatened ..... ( I can not continue this sentence, since any thing I wrote which could be classified as POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS was banned by a team member who does not like me)

Radio Controlled or Remote Controlled flying poses many security threats, it is very unlikely that the authorities will allow it.

raiz i dont understand how Ksa is threatened by mere toy (RC)flying objects,moreover many malls,toy outlets(Toyrus,local shops)sell these ,though there are few handful restrictions on flying them in specific places or areas? But "threatened" thats quite strong.

''And Banned by a team member who does not like me" .Indeed in your previous posts you stated something against a specific corporation or a company ,but that comes under defaming rules and regulations blah blah.

But since childhood i have been using Rc controlled planes ,helicopter ,even a 4ft wide flying saucer ,And guess what i flew them in the  riyadh.  But maybe forming a whole club of loads of Rc planes might look like a Hollywood stunt and police might even object this "Club" ,but enjoying with bunch of friends wont do any harm.
And No i dont fly them anymore .

Dear DJ,

The RC planes sold at the malls are not the kind nor they have the potential, power or accuracy to be included in a typical RC Club platform.

I am a qualified engineer by profession. Worked for IBM Saudi Arabia as Hardware and Communication Engineer for ages, The technology used in RC planes is identical to Drone. Even in Pakistan, RC model beyond the basic toy is a crime and the boundaries are well defined at the ministry of defense.

Now let us come to the issue of being banned at a forum. The subject we had discussed was " women covering their faces" and I had taken a formal permission before starting the thread. I have nothing to do with the "defaming" issue. i have formally lodged a protest against the person who does not like me, most probably no action will be taken against this person but i can record an incidence  for future reference.

Dear DJ,

No body ever banned me, it is my bad sense of humor! Many times certain threads are started with some very good intentions but unfortunately some members put remarks that take the issue into sensitive areas against the common sense let alone "terms and conditions of joining EB"

I respect the regulations of EB but of course have the right to "document" an event which ends up hurting me.

i understand your sentiments mate but i dont get the whole some EB team member disliking you ,if you want to share then it will definitely clear the air around my head and if you need any assistance ,i am willing to help.But  in other case if  you dont want to then i am ok with it.And i respect your decision .

Coming to the main topic ,how come then these RC Models aren't banned if they have such potential of drone (atleast a miniature) .If they can be so armed and deadly then why do people just ignore this simple fact. :/


Thanks for your kind sentiments, i am much relieved, thanks for your offer to intervene and offer help in soliciting the old issue. Since some senior people ( not as senior as you ) are already investigating into the issue, I do not honestly feel I should trouble you, I really appreciate your sincere intentions.

Let us come to the drones, this issue is controversial in the USA also, kindly go through the following links. … n-the-two/ … dge-rules/

As a scientist and as a person belonging to a region notorious for breeding terrorism, I know a simple rule.

" If you leave a minutest loophole for terrorism, it will be used". Our government advisors are lot smarter than you and me.

Well, while I personally haven't much experience with RC aircraft, I grew up with an older brother who was heavily into building model aircraft. In my later life I took up flying small single engine aircraft and have always been quite interested in almost every aspect of aviation. Presently, due to age and financial issues I limit my flying to MS Flight Simulator which allows me to fly everything from my homebuilt ultralight to the Air Canada Airbus A380, which I developed the paint scheme for myself (see photo).

Radio Controlled model aircraft have been the passion of many people all over the world and probably always will be.

That said, we all must admit that the world in which we live has changed dramatically in the post 9/11 era. For the most part these changes have been for the worse, in my opinion. We're now living in a world where ALL innocence we once had is gone and has been replaced with distrust, hysteria and paranoia in most cases.

RC aircraft model aviation will quite likely suffer greatly over the next several years as a result of this paranoia and the recent advent of remotely controlled DRONE surveillance aircraft, at least until the laws in most countries catch up with modern technology. I know here in Brazil the use of drones has become a hot topic and is now being litigated and legislated, sort of after the fact. This country is famous for locking the barn door after the horse has already bolted, but that's another story altogether.

IMHO the model aviators will most certainly take a hit, but I'm not sure that it's going to be a doom and gloom, "end of the world" scenario. I'm sure that in some countries RC aircraft will probably end up being completely banned. This will be a sad day for all model aviators. In other countries, they will surely face some restrictions that they never imagined before, but I believe the hobby will survive.

The bottom line, I guess, is national security in any country and that is ultimately in the hands of the legislators in each sovereign nation, something that while we may have some input toward have little or no control over. I think that each case must be judged on it's own merits at any rate. I mean, there is really a huge difference in somebody firing up his RC Spitfire and doing aerobatics over a public park than there is with somebody strapping a minicam to a model helicopter and using it to transmit images to some remote location on the ground for whatever purposes he wishes. I don't want to think that he'd be flying over my backyard and spying on me even though I have absolutely nothing to hide. I guess the real responsiblity of government is to act to protect us all from this kind of invasion of privacy and undermining of our security. I think that countries that exercise common sense can achieve that goal without outlawing RC aircraft completely or giving all model aviators the "potential terrorist" label.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

My own Air Canada Airbus A380, it was a real challenge to paint this one!

Join this RC flying club forum

hinazubair :

I m looking for a flying club in khobar or dammam.anyone have some information about it please let me know


Thanks for this wonderfully covered article on the subject. It covers almost all the aspects of RC planes in development and security terms.

I have saved your article for future reference.

Much obliged,


I've heard that there people can register in the Saudi Aviation Club and fly RC Planes thier..

Are you modelist? Nice to meet you)

what's your name?

Hello Arthur89777 :cheers:

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Even I dont understand how somebody can say KSA is threaten by RC flying, while professional big size fully 3D aircrafts, Radio transmitter, and RC flying parts are on sale in local online eCommerce website. see below link.

And many more link I can share. If KSA is threaten than why these online stores are selling these products. Why there are RC flying club in KSA still operating and people flying out there.

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