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Has any one got or had children at Clavis? Need to know pros and cons as well as comparison with IPS (as good/not as good etc) thanks

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I don't know more details about Clavis, but can recommend Morning Star School, which is in the same region.  It goes from Grade 0 to Grade 12, and is a Christian school using the ACE system, and it's curriculum is supplied partly from SA

I've got two kids at Clavis. One in year 4 and the other in reception class. I've also been to Morning Star, but honestly the infrastructure and system at Clavis is a totally different thing.

Morning Star is a Christian school (which was not a problem for me and my wife, we both went to Catholic schools... but their affiliations did not inspire us much confidence).

We are happy at Clavis - the kids have known an excellent evolution since their admission.


Whats the monthly fees in Clavis School ?
If you can help me to understand the structure and pattern of their study.


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You'll get the fee structure here

What do you exactly want to know. I think my wife would be in a better position to
explain the details :-)  We can meet-up for coffee and chat over.


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