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What are the career prospects in Trujillo? How to find a job in this city? Find out in this article.

Located in the North of Peru, Trujillo is the third biggest Peruvian city. Capital city of La Libertad, Trujillo is deemed to be one of the region's main economic centers, thus providing many professional opportunities. So if you are looking for a job in Peru, why not turn towards this modern and dynamic tourist city? If you have the qualifications and skills that are not available locally, you may be lucky!


The city's economy mainly relies on the following sectors: tourism, agri-food, leather production and trade. It also hosts many shopping malls, supermarkets and warehouses. As you might have understood by now, Trujillo is mainly driven by tourism as it is quite close to the Huanchaco beach resort, that is some 18 km away.

Due to the number of tourists visiting the city each year, Trujillo has been greatly developing over the years, both in terms of real estate and other infrastructure.

Labor market

Trujillo's labor market is quite diverse as several fields are open towards foreign expertise. However, you are advised to make sure that you have the qualifications and skills that are not available locally, which means that you have to stand above the lot.

You can thus try your luck in the following fields if you feel you have the right profile: tourism, construction, engineering, agri-food, trade, marketing, import and export, etc. Note that these jobs are available at all levels in terms of hierarchy.

In all cases, especially if you are looking for a job in tourism, having a good command of Spanish will be a considerable advantage, especially if it is your mother-tongue. As Europe and the United States are Trujillo's main trade and business allies, knowledge of other languages such as English and French will not fail to enhance your application and resume.

Find a job

As Trujillo is a rapidly developing and modernizing city, finding a job there should not be a difficult task. Indeed, Internet will be your main search tool thanks to several specialized job websites and professional social networks. You can even turn to the Chamber of Commerce of La Libertad for a list of companies operating across the city.

Moreover, you stand more chances of landing a job via word-of-mouth if you have friends and contacts on the spot. Therefore, networking is highly advised. This will allow you build up a professional reputation in the local labor market.

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