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In Argentina, you can open a bank account in dollars as well as in pesos. You simply have to produce your identification documents.

Depending on your situation in Argentina, you will probably have to open a local bank account to pay for your rent, your bills or receive your salaries. However, it is somehow  difficult to open a bank account in Argentina as a foreigner.

To start with, check with Argentine banks before your departure in order to find out more about the conditions for opening an account as a foreigner and get the complete required documents checklist. You will save time and stress! 

Procedures and formalities greatly vary according to banks, and although some will allow you to open a current account ("cuenta corriente"), most of them will not let you open a savings account ("cuenta ahorro") unless you are permanent resident, and upon submission of several required documents.

In order to open a bank account to a foreigner, most Argentine banks require: a proof of residence in Argentina, a passport, a Cuil ("Código Unico de Identificación Laboral") and an employment contract, if applicable. A minimum deposit is often required, which amount varies from banks to banks.

Once your bank account opened, you should  receive a debit card, sent within a fortnight to your mailing address. Note that withdrawals limits are frequent with debit cards, and often arbitrarily set. Argentine debit cards can be used abroad if they are part of the Cirrus/Mastercard networks. Bank acccount maintenance fees apply in Argentina, which amounts seldom exceed us $10 per year.

   Good to know:

You can open an account in pesos but also in U.S. dollars in Argentina.

If your current bank in your home country has office branches in Argentina, you may open a bank account directly there. However, audits and additional information will be requested by the Argentine branch to your bank of origin, and the finalization of the opening of your bank account will solely remain at the discretion of the bank in Argentina.

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