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Guys, i have a very odd situation if someone can help me.

4 years ago I bought a small olive farm in Argentinian interior with my Argentinian partner. In all these years I worked hardly on a our asset, giving work also to our neighbours. At least one family depends on my asset. After the 3rd year we finally got our first harvest. Everything would be great .... but my problem is that due to value of my plantation I cant get argentinian ID (DNI) with what I can open an argentinian bank account and also i cant be self-employed ( so called monotributo). With my business partner we tried even that he employed me as a employee in his company on our farm, but we hadnt had any success, we were just paying/spending money for nothing.  I went to migraciones a lot of times, talked to the boss of the office and the problem is probably imposible to solve. Even establishing my own company, having an argentinian director ... they wont allow me to get into the system. Argentina doesnt know no-residential bank accounts and it surprised me very much that even with a help of local politics I cant solve my problem.  The only response which I got is get a work for 3 years...

Does anybody have any idea or contact who could be able to help me. Till now I am just spending money for nothing...


Here's what I did to get DNI and open a bank account when everything failed.

Get you High school certificates apostilled from your home country and convalidated
in Ministerio de educaion.
Get Antecedentes Penales of Argentina (very easy) and your home country ( i asked my embassy in Puerto Madero)
Go to a public university and enroll for a graduate course - its free ! I went to UNGS
After admission ask the university for constancia electronica and show in migraciones & ask them to change your VISA to student, they actually give you a temporary residence of 1 year and DNI arrives in 45 days
Go to ANSES and ask for CUIL. But if you have property in your name you can directly go to AFIP
in your area and ask for CUIT and then open a bank account.

There are other ways also. I know a lawyer whi can help you but he will charge money.

All the best.

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Get married to an Argentinian...instant DNI.

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