Has Anyone Traded Bitcoin in Argentina?

I'll be moving in a few months and am considering my options of transferring my money over there.
I can't keep it in my US bank account and the only options I can think of are keeping my funds in Paypal until I am able to open an Argentine bank account. I can also do Bitcoin which is what I'm leaning more on. I initially did buy in and held my Bitcoin back in January but I sold out where I thought it was at its high point and look at it now...  I'm kind of weary of buying back in again. Anyone have experience with Bitcoin and how its doing in Buenos Aires?

Bitcoin is dangerous as it fluctuates wildly.
Massive profits for a few and a lot of losses for most.

I'd give them a miss unless you really know what you're doing.

Well I do own an account on an exchange called poloniex where you can keep your money as USDT which is U.S dollars tether that is backed and pegged at a 1:1 ratio to the dollar, what it comes down to is that it's safe from the fluctuations of the market.
I can keep money on the account and when I am ready to exchange some BTC for dollars/pesos I can buy BTC at the time of the exchange and do the trade in person.
It's probably the cheapest way that I know of to transfer money to the country.
I mean like what other options are there for someone who can't open a bank account in the country until they have resided at least 1 year and then the paperwork for the DNI.

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