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How to obtain a phone line and internet connection in Mexico? Find the answers to your queries in this article.

Traveling to a foreign country means that you will definitely have to stay connected. To get in touch with your friends and relatives abroad, and to do your research work, you will need a phone and internet. Mexico has several phone and internet service providers which offer various services at competitive prices. These, of course, meet international standards. You can choose among land lines, mobile phones, low and high speed internet, etc.

Once you are on spot, you can visit any branch of your favorite service provider to inquire on related services and conditions that apply. Make sure to opt for the best package according to your needs and financial means.

Phone numbers

Mexico's international phone code is ''52'' and every major city has a city phone code. However, phone numbers vary according to different types of calls. Do not get confused! Here are explanations:

  • to call a mobile phone from a land line or to call a mobile phone in another city: dial 0 44 55 followed by the phone number.
  • to make mobile to mobile phone calls inside the same state: dial the phone number without the international or city code.
  • to call a mobile phone in a different state: dial 0 45 followed by the phone number
  • to call a land line in another state: dial 01 followed by the city or State code and the phone number.

Obtain a land line

Telmex, the main Mexican phone service provider, offers a wide range of services. To have more information on these, you can visit any of its branch offices. You can then decide if you prefer to obtain a land line. Documents to be produced for subscription, in general, are identity documents and proof of address.

Mobile phones

If you prefer to use your mobile phone, make sure to have unlocked it before traveling to Mexico. You can then purchase a local sim card which you can recharge with prepaid cards. You can purchase these in shops, newspaper stands, supermarkets, etc., as from 20 pesos to 200 pesos. To buy a local sim card, you will have to visit a client service center with your passport. Your mobile phone number will be registered in the national mobile phone directory. In general, a sim card costs around 150 pesos. You can also refill these at OXXO counters.

Communication fees, on their part, cost some 3 pesos per minute, 1 peso for short messages, excluding Valued added tax (VAT).

Public phones

If you prefer to use public phone booths, you will have to buy Ladatel or Telmex prepaid cards. Phone booths with the LADA inscription allow national and international calls while those displaying the Telmex sign allow only local phone calls. Prepaid cards usually costs some 20, 30, 50 and 100 pesos.


Mexico has numerous internet service providers. But most internet users prefer Telmex as the latter offers various interesting packages which include a land line and cable TV. In fact, Telmex provides a 5MB internet connection as from 100 pesos almost everywhere in the country. Prodigy Internet and Terra are also very popular for their high speed internet packages.

On the other hand, you can access to internet anywhere with your laptop or smart phone thanks to Wi-Fi hot spots which you can find in major Mexican cities, particularly in shopping malls, cafes and restaurants. However, you are required to subscribe to the Wi-Fi service of buy prepaid cards, Tarjeta Multifon, for instance, which are available in Telmex shops, in Sanborns restaurants, etc.

You can as well connect to the internet in an internet cafe if you do not have subscribed yet for an internet connection. Internet cafes can be found almost everywhere and are open till late at night. Fees are around 10 pesos per hour, but can be higher in tourist regions.

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