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Hi all - 

I'm new to this site and hoping for some guidance / feedback. 

I've been volunteering at a Tijuana orphanage for the past 2 years, driving down from Southern California a few times a month.  I'm in love with the area and the children at the orphanage and plan on moving to the area to spend more time with them.

I work from home and would love to settle in San Antonio del Mar just south of TJ. 
I've heard conflicting reports about high speed internet in San Antonio del Mar.  To connect to my office network I'm required to have a minimum 6 MB download and 2 MB upload.  IZZI says they can provide this in the area of SADM and Playas.   
Can anyone give me feedback on IZZI's high speed internet in the area of SADM or Playas de Tijuana?

Thanks in advance!

I have been running  a US based business (sole proprietor) and I have used high speed Cablemas (surpassing your needs)  since 2006 to do so.  Rare outages, super customer service. I bundle tv and internet  for $55 a month. 
I pay monthly at the local Playas office where I have no difficulties with my limited Spanish.  My phone service is Vonage.

Internet bandwith in Mexico in general depends on your location.  In Tijuana if you live near the border (or near a cell tower) you generally have faster internet speeds as well as better telephone connection.
I would do serious research about moving to San Antonio del Mar as has changed in the past 5 years.  I have met several people who lived there and left as they said there was an increase in thefts and robberies.  That enclave used to be entirely Americans but now has changed.

Do you know if I can speak with someone at cablemas to see if we could have it installed directly to our RV at Baja Seasons RV Resort?  We don't mind paying the installation and monthly fee, as we also need it to our business.  Thank you!

Have you gone to the Cablemas office in Playas?  I had great service with all my requests. I had the highest speed available.  Rare to find someone who speaks English there though.

I will try that!  Thank you!  We're not there yet, but going there soon.  I appreciate the feedback. :)

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