VPN for watching US TV

I'm looking for recommendations for a VPN so I can at least get CNN here in Mexico.  I'd like to get some of the programming from NBC as well (Stephen Colbert, etc) but I understand that is not possible, even with a VPN outside the USA.


I am interested in that also.  I am hoping to use my Amazon FireTV if possible.

I use a VPN in the U.S at home and I know streaming companies such as Netflix and Hulu will not work with the VPN turned on.  I'm guessing that is true in Mexico as well.  I do have Kodi.  Not sure how that would work for news channels though.  Great for shows and movies!!

Most of the video streaming services are blocking VPNs. They are concerned about delivering content into markets they are not licensed to serve. I find that when my VPN provider adds a new server it is not blocked for awhile. I’ve learned that the streaming services eventually recognize the new server and block it.

Good luck!

I have been doing a little research specifically for the FireTV and a Smart DNS apparently will work by changing some settings on your Amazon account.

What did you find and where?

I personally use NordVPN and it has worked for me in the other countries that I've been to. I won't be in MX until 1 November though, so I can't tell you if it will work there. Most streaming companies do use VPN blocking, but it is so rudimentary it is pathetic. The trick is getting a VPN server that they don't know about OR running your own by running a Virtual Private Server through the cheapest web host you can find.

Thanks.  I do wish I had more tech knowledge for this but when I look information up on the internet I don't even understand a good deal of the reference words!  I've looked at NordVPN, and even signed up for a couple of days.  But when I found the support information unhelpful and the website insufficient for a novice like me, I cancelled.  I hope to hear more from others on what they have chosen here in Mexico.  Thanks for your input!

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