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Moving to Quebec with your pet


Looking forward to move to Quebec with your pet? Discover all the relating formalities in this article.

Many of you wonder how to move to Canada with your pet. There are requirements to be met to import animals to the province. First of all, you have to check with your airline the traveling conditions for your pet according to its weight, size and the cage in which you are carrying it. The fare is calculated on the same basis as the one of excess luggage. The dog is the most commonly imported pet. Quarantine is not compulsory but your pet must meet some requirements in terms of age, country of origin and race.

Your pet will be fasting during the entire trip. You can bring him a snack he can eat on his release from customs.

Authorised pet in Quebec

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for establishing the requirements for the importation of animals, including pets and animal products entering the country as part of the national program on animal health. These requirements apply to animals who are setting permanently in Quebec, those in transit and those who are on a temporary visit. However, the agency reserves the right to refuse entry to any animal at the border.
To obtain a list of the authorized animals, you can visit the CFIA website.

Once in Quebec, the customs will ask you a certificate of vaccination against rabies written in French, or a veterinary certificate attesting that your pet comes from a country recognized by Canada as free of rabies.

Pet import regulations in Quebec

As a pet owner, you have to follow a series of instructions once settled in Quebec. You must provide your pet with all necessary care to ensure that his presence affects in no way the quality living of your neighbors. You are authorized to keep three cats or three dogs in an accommodation or on the land where the building is situated. According to municipal regulations, you must make sure your dog wears a medal upon arrival in the province. Contact the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) in Quebec. In case of loss or destruction of the medal, you will have to pay $ 15 to get a new one.

If you own a pet, you must make sure to remove its faeces from any public or private property, to prevent him from wandering and above all, keep him on a leash in public places. Animals may not be allowed in certain public areas. As for other types of animals such as aquarium fish, small mammals, birds, or even non-venomous reptiles, unless it is a prohibited species in Quebec, you can keep them provided that you make necessary arrangements regarding their maintenance.

Practical information

If you have lost your pet, if you find a stray pet or if you see a pet injured or victim of cruelty, please contact the SPA of Quebec. It is strongly advised to never abandon a pet whatever be the reason you choose to separate from it. The SPA of Quebec will ensure its support and find him a new family. You can also file your complaint regarding any domestic animal, for example for excessive barking, the accumulation of faeces, the presence of a neighbor's animal in your home, or even the presence of a dangerous animal in the vicinity.

SPA de Québec
1130 Galilee Ave
Quebec (QC) G1P 4B7
Phone: 418 527-9104
Fax: 418 527-6685

If you have been injured by a pet or if you feel that an animal can be dangerous for public health, please call 911.

 Useful links:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency www.inspection.gc.ca
SPA de Québec www.spadequebec.ca

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.
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