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Moving to Izmir? Great idea! Turkey's third largest city, Izmir combines the cultural and entertainment amenities of a big city with a more relaxed atmosphere, a pleasantly mild weather and a proximity to famous beach resorts such as Datca, Cesme and Alacati.

Accordingly, the city’s population amounts to over 4 million inhabitants and keeps growing, attracting people from the region but also from across the globe. To help you decide where to settle in Izmir, here is an overview of the city’s assets, neighbourhoods and general housing conditions.

Getting to know the city

Izmir, established as an ancient Greek colony under the name 'Smyrna', has a 3,300 years old history and showcases many attractions of historical interest, including the ruins of the famous Greek city of Ephesus, located just a few kilometres away from the city centre.

Izmir is also home to a large Jewish community and to historic synagogues, mostly concentrated in the neighbourhoods of Alsancak and Karatas.

Over the years, the city has developed into one of the country's biggest economic, commercial and business hubs, notably thanks to its international port.

Increased business activity has done little to undermine the Mediterranean charm of Izmir, which retains a hedonistic feel with its avenues lined with palm trees, its culture of fresh food and sea sports (like sailing, kite-surfing).

 Good to know:

Among Izmir’s celebrated food specialities are the kumru — a hearty sandwich made of a special bread type filled with pretty much everything you can think of (salad, 2 types of cheese, salam, sausage, and of course a signature sauce) - and the karadut suyu, basically a wild berry syrup, traditionally consumed iced in the summertime.

Izimir's neighbourhoods

The historic and touristic district, Konak, is home to such attractions as the bars and nightlife district of Alsancak, the Kordonboyu — a waterfront promenade laden with cafes coming alive in the evening, and the Hatay shopping area. Nearby, the lively Kemeralti Bazaar, a colourful market, offers local craftsmanship

The historically desirable central neighbourhoods - such as Konak, Cigli and Narlidere - are now facing competition from formerly popular districts such as Bayrakli, engaged in a process of gentrification.

More remote neighbourhoods, such as Dikili and its empty, almost wild beaches, offer a more peaceful and natural life setting.

Cost of accommodation in Izimir

Falling victim to its success as a living destination, Izmir saw housing demand grow past the available offer and accordingly recorded a hike in property prices, which have now reached 1,700 Turkish liras per square metre. Izmir still remains much more affordable than other Turkish metropoles (see our Accommodation in Istanbul article)

For rent, set aside 600 Turkish liras for a studio and about 2,000 liras for a three-bedroom flat in sought-after central neighbourhoods.


Bills (water, electricity, heating, telephone and internet access) are typically not included in the rent.

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