Family house in Izmir

We are moving to Izmir in summer 2018. Our children will go mot MEF. Some of the expats we spoke to live in Urla. This seems very far away from the school and my husband's work, 45 minutes commute at least. The reason we were given is, selfishly, because the houses are larger. I would prefer to live in the city within walking to shops, restaurants, the Metro for my husband, and a shorter bus ride for the kids to school. But I am adverse to living in an apartment tower. My boys and cats need outdoor space. Plus I would like to plant a small garden. What area has single family homes with some small garden area in which I can walk to town easily?
Thank you

Hello, maybe you should take a look to "35. sokak" or "Yamac evler" building estates, which has steel construction houses with garden (dont forget that İzmir is in earthquakezone) .

Thank you for your reply but it seams those two evleri are too far away for my preferences. I would like to be around the bay in the city, not close to Menemen.

I was hoping for a suggestion of an area in the city where there are family homes with gardens, not towers.

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