Living in Turkey guide

Find out all you need to know to relocate and live in Turkey with the expat guide

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General information
  • Turkey is known as a tourist hub for its economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. It has both breathtaking landscapes and a fascinating history.

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  • Living in Turkey, everything about this beautiful country.

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  • A brief introduction to general matters for anyone interested in living in Turkey or spending a holiday there

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Visas, passports and entry requirements
  • Travel formalities in Turkey vary according to the duration of your stay in the country. Citizens of some countries may require a visa.

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  • If you and your future-spouse share the same foreign nationality, you can be married by either Turkish officials or your own officials at your embassy.

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Work visas, work permits, working holiday visas and residence permits
  • Whether you wish to study or work in Turkey, you will have to apply for an appropriate visa, be it a student visa, tourist visa, or work visa.

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  • To stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, you will need to apply for a more long-term permit within 30 days of arriving in the country.

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  • Information about applying for an Tourist e-Visa for Turkey. Step by Step process for applying for your visa. Includes the only official website where you should buy your e-Visa from.

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Labour market, how to find a job
  • Want to become a digital nomad in Turkey? The digital nomad's guide to Turkey will help you make the most of your nomadic life abroad.

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  • Ankara, the Turkish capital city, provides job opportunities for expatriates in a range of fields, as well as opportunities for investors.

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  • Being Turkey's biggest city, Istanbul has a diversified economy and a dynamic labour market which is open to foreign professionals.

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  • More and more foreigners are tempted to settle in Turkey in order to set up their own business. The market is rather open to foreign investments.

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  • If you want to further your work experience, you may want to do an internship in Turkey. If so, there are many international firms offering internships.

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How to rent a house or an apartment, leases and rental agreements
  • Ankara, one of Turkey's major cities, has many attractive neighborhoods which offer various housing options. Rent prices are affordable.

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  • Istanbul is known as Turkey's economic capital and it is the country's most densely populated city. It continues to draw expats from around the world.

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  • Izmir, one of Turkey's major cities, is popular for its beach resorts. Its population continues to grow, with additions from the region, and wider world.

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  • Turkey has shared and private rental options for those looking to move there. You are also able to buy a home, should you want something more permanent.

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Student visa, University registration
  • If you are looking for a school for your child or looking into further education, Turkey offers a range of options.

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  • Though the English language is widely used, it will obviously be helpful to familiarise yourself with the Turkish language if you are moving to Turkey.

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  • This article gives readers a basic introduction to learning Turkish by providing a basic overview of some of the more common resources that are available for Turkish language learners.

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Health care

Public and private health systems
  • Turkey has a developed health care system, including quality services and facilities. Foreigners can easily access to these in times of need.

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Open and manage a bank account
  • Turkey hosts many national and international banks. Hence, foreigners can easily open a bank account provided they have necessary documents.

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  • The banking system covers most of the Turkish financial system. Almost all of the activities, both in the money and capital markets are carried out by banks. It is a consequence of the country's economic and historical development that Turkey's finance system and its banking sector are virtu

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Tax system, income tax
  • Turkey has one of the Middle-East's most competitive tax systems. However, income tax, corporate tax, value added tax and wealth tax may apply.

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Train, bus, plane, car rental
  • Various means of transports are available in Turkey: airlines, trains, buses, etc. You may choose from these depending on your trips.

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  • Inexpensive public transport is available in Turkish cities (such as buses, trams and metros. You can also take a taxi to your destination.

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Driver's licence

Driving requirements
  • There is a wide road network in Turkey, and expats can use their licence from their country of origin for the first 6 months.

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moving, formalities and useful tips
  • If you are moving to Turkey, you will likely want to take your belongings with you. In this case, it is good to consult a moving company in advance.

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Phone line, internet provider, post office
  • Turkey enjoys wide telecommunications coverage. You can access phone and internet networks almost everywhere in the country.

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Sports, leisure and cultural activities
  • There is so much to discover if you are moving to Istanbul. The city hosts some fifty places of interest and offers various leisure activities to expats.

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  • Turkish cuisine is based on sharing-plates of flavourful dishes, and Turkish coffee is internationally renowned. Dining is a social experience in Turkey.

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  • You are allowed to bring 2 pets (cats, dogs or birds), or 10 aquarium fish with you when travelling to Turkey. All pets must have an identification device.

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  • The Turkish population is world famous for its culture and hospitality. Hence, you should not have much trouble in adapting to their lifestyle.

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  • Turkey has numerous options to keep your child occupied, from day care centres to all manner of entertainment options.

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